Pizza Night!

APRIL 30, 2021

                The coffee is on in the Drunken Chef household and life is good. Last night I was lazy and did not cook. I made one of those self-rising pizza’s I purchased in a weird store called Lidl that is located just over in the next town. It’s a weird store because they don’t just sell groceries it has things like hardware in it too and almost everything they carry is the Lidl brand. Some of it I have to admit is very good and very cheap, but again very little is name brand stuff. I just keep in mind you get what you pay for when I shop there. I usually get milk, eggs, and bread. Essentials that during the pandemic were sometimes hard to come by. Now I buy them there because of price and convenience. I go in I buy 12 things and I get out.

The Pizza was good even if I didn’t make it from scratch. Who in their right mind does that?! And why? It’s Pizza! It supposed to be simple. It’s just like three ingredients, most times. Plus, I live in New York. This is one of the Pizza capitals of the world and if my Italian neighbors or local pizza places smell pizza cooking and emanated from my residence they will be knocking on my door asking for protection money (just kidding, I hope).

Why would I spend ALL day making dough that I cannot even get the right flour for? Its 00 FLOUR by the way and it has less gluten in it then the flour you buy at the “stupor” market. THAT’S why you can’t make the same dough at home. You could always go TO the pizza place and buy THEIR dough but then what’s the point? So you can try and toss it in the air and try to get a thin crust like a pro….or is it the romance you want and imagine you and your significant other all cozy in the kitchen making pizza and feeding each other the toppings as you cook. Just like in some mushy Hallmark movie (which I do watch, all the time, by the way). Nope if I buy the dough at my favorite pizza place the its to make a homemade Stromboli and that’s a recipe for another time. Oh Crap! I so see this “How to Cook” book spiraling out of my control soon! Well let’s take it one day at time until I crash and burn or it takes off and you guys turn out to like it.

                That’s not what I came here to tell you about. Not that or the pizza. Like I said, throwing a frozen pizza in an oven is not cooking for me. If I don’t even add the toppings or extra cheese and I didn’t, to me its’s not cooking. Nope today, I am writing to tell you I made breakfast for myself (and lunch for Jennifer). Jennifer’s lunch was just a ham sandwich. No big Whup. I however, I decided to use up one of the last stale Croissants I purchased at Trader Joes. No, Joe did not sell them to me stale but I bought them on Sunday and well, this croissant is not as fresh as it could be. Even with all that butter in them! Fat is a preservative that helps keep bread fresh (again getting ahead of myself).

                So for breakfast I fried ham (the last two slices) in butter, along with two eggs and then put cheese on top of that. Oh, that reminds me, I’m going to visit my cardiologist soon. Wish me luck or my menus might suddenly change quickly. NAH!

So what will be my first recipe item tomorrow? Hmmm can anyone guess? I have mentioned this recipe item before. Maybe, even in my very first post? Hint: It is usually eaten at breakfast but not always. I a firm believer in breakfast for dinner!

Lastly, I’m going out to eat tonight so no cooking for me! That does mean however, that Sunday will be my first restaurant review post! I hope it turns into a nice feature or article subject for this new project/hobby of mine (writing).

                In closing, I would like to end today by thanking my editor-in-chief Sam for helping me to correct all my horrible grammar and spelling mistakes as I write all this stuff. I would NEVER consider doing this and without his amazing proofreading and writing skills. I hope he writes his own articles and posts them here soon too! I started this adventure by posting my stuff write away and he would correct it later but I found out that what winds up in your e-mail is loaded with grammatical and spelling errors from the first posting and not the later edited and finish pieces. So I have to wait now until he can look it over and correct it before we can post it. That just makes the posts so late. I will need to get into a new writing routine so you have new posts in the am after he fixes them at night. Hey, it’s all a learning process for me!

© Russ Ahrens and The Magic of a Perfect Pairing,2021

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