Welcome to my Kitchen

Read about and prepare the same recipes I have made for my family and friends. You may even pick up a few wines suggestions along the way.

We are new to this whole writing/blogging thing. Well me (The Drunken Chef) along with my editor-in-chief (Sam) and new copy editor (Jules). Please bare with us as we work on this space to make it more navigable and fun to be on while you read, cook, and drink with us!

If you don’t cook yourself, you may still enjoy the wine pairings articles or the fine restaurants reviews that my family, friends, and coworkers have all attended with me.

So join us in learning new things to eat, old favorite’s to enjoy again and you may even learn how make them. Over the next year along the way I will be writing my new cookbook called “How to Cook American Style” by The Drunken Chef and posting it right here for you to test out. And they say there is no free lunch! Ha!

Be happy, stay healthy, eat well and above all enjoy all life has to offer!


Latest from the Blog


INGREDIENTS: 2 Parts Sparkling Wine 1 Part Orange Juice Garnish with a maraschino cherry (optional) DIRECTIONS: You can use many Sparkling wines for this beverage, but I don’t like ones that are too dry. I use a Sparkling wine from Sparkling Point winery Long Island Start by filling a glass a a third of the … Continue reading MIMOSA COCKTAIL


INGREDIENTS: 2 Parts Sparkling Wine 1 Part Peach Nectar Splash of maraschino cherry juice (optional) Garnish with a maraschino cherry and/or peach slice (optional) DIRECTIONS: The Bellini is an classic Italian cocktail so it is best made with what else? Prosecco, because of its peach, melon, and pear flavors. You can use other Sparkling wines, … Continue reading BELLINI COCKTAIL


Now that you have made hard boiled eggs way back in Lesson Two: HARD BOILED EGGS, you’re ready for DEVILED EGGS. This is a classic and simple appetizer from the 50’s that I think with the addition of the Cholula Hot Sauce has a bit of a zing that elevates it up to the twenty … Continue reading DEVILED EGGS

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