Sterilite BRAND cake HOLDER

I love this EXTRA LARGE Cake Carrier/Storage container. It holds up to a 12 inch, 3-layer cake. The one I own is a Christmas theme of red and green but has a translucent dome lid so you can just make out that something is inside. Its absolutely perfect to transport the cake I made Sunday to work, after Jennifer and I try a piece tonight.

I like how it seems to seal in the freshness and keep out humidity in summer or keep the cake from drying out overnight in the dry air of winer!

The handle on top makes carry the cake in to the office as well as it being able to be cut right on the bottom tray. That reminds me I have t bring my plastic cake server. I have plats knives and forks at work.

I hope some people will feel okay about eating something I have brought in to the office from home. Its been a while since we have had any home baked goods in the office! YUM!

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