Lesson five: The Brunch Menu Part One

            Ah Sunday! I love Sunday…even though it’s Monday. We can still reminisce about Sunday! The one day I get to sleep in an extra hour or two! Sundays remind me of my childhood. There was that big fat Sunday paper with all those great comics. Back then, Sunday was the only day the comics were in color. If it were Easter Sunday that meant I had a fresh new batch of Silly Putty too! You could press the Silly Putty to the newsprint and when you peeled it off you would have a color comic on it. I don’t know why that amused me back then but it kept me busy for and a bit. Did you know that the silly putty trick does not work anymore? They changed the ink or something. Speaking of Easter Sunday it felt so early this year. It feels like I missed it somehow. It is only now going warm outside. Last night even unusually cold for this time of year. My heat started coming on all night! The home heating oil god hates me apparently and wants me to burn as much of the stuff as he can produce before having to turn on the air-conditions before summer hits. Wow! Where did that rant come from? It Sunday lets chill out with a big Sunday morning breakfast!

We have made pancakes, eggs, and omelets. What’s next? Mmm. Let’s making some coffee then a frittata. A frittata is only really a giant omelet from the oven!

We will need a 9 inch by 13 inch glass Pyrex baking dish and a pan to make the bacon and or sausage in.

We will also need:


12 Eggs

1 TBLS. Milk

Hash browns or potato tots (defrosted)

One pound cook Bacon (crumbled)

One package of breakfast Sausage (Cubed)

8 ozes shredded cheddar cheese (one package)

Tsp. Vegetable oil

A few drops of Tabasco (To taste)


Preheat the oven to 350 dregees. Grease the bottom of your Pyrex backing dish with a little cooking spray or just a bit of canola oil or vegetable oil. Olive oil can be a little heavy tasting but if it’s all you have. Use a paper towel to swoosh the cooking oil around. You don’t need to swoosh the spray stuff. I am not really a fan of spay stuff because I don’t know what’s in it. I own it. I use it on occasion, but I don’t like it when I do. Easy is sometimes best! Now that the botten has a nice thin non stsick coting lats add those staore bought home foreis. Why do I use these instead of make my own fresh? Mainly because I’m not masicstic. I could make them fresh sure. Lets peel and great two or three lage potaoes. Then gate a large pan nice and how and frt them up in some peanut oil (If you not allergic otherwise I guess vegetable oil). Drain them cool them and add them to the bottom of the pan. Nope, I diced that the ones I get from the frozen food section and look just like the ones from McDonalds work great once defrosted I press them into the pan making sure they are place next to another flat against the bottom. Then I pop them into the oven for a few minutes. Check on them every five minutes. Take them out as soon as they start to get slightly brown and crisp up and/or sizzle. It the meantime. While the potatoes cook let make the bacon. If you have nevr make bacon before it takes practice to get it just right. Just don’t let your bacon burn it the will ruin your whole frittata. Its best to leasbve it out if it all burns.  When done it should be a light golden brown so it crumbles nicely. Please wait until its cool before crumbling. Otherwise you will need one those Scouts I have mentioned in a previous post to preform first aid for burns on your hands.

Nice job on the bacon! Now you can cook up all of those breakfast sausage in some of that bacon grease. I fist dressed it then slice it. Its easer to slice cold then hot. Do other cookbooks point these things out?

Have you been checking on your potatoes? If not, then they are plenty brown by now. Sprinkle the cooked sausage and the bacon across the potatoes spreading them across the whole dish evenly.

Now it’s time to break a few eggs into a large bowl. You can’t have a frittata without breaking a few eggs. Add a tablespoon of milk to the bowl with the eggs. Too much milk and the eggs won’t set. You can even add some Tabasco now. I like the stuff so I always add a little. This many eggs I would add ten drops or five good shakes of the bottle. That is not even one-drop per egg. Most people don’t even notice it if you don’t add too much! Scramble a dozen eggs using a wire whisk or fork from your flatware set. Do not add the cheese yet! This the same thing as adding too much milk. The eggs will not cook. You will have a cheesy custard casserole, ewe. Now pour the scrambled eggs into the pan filling it up ¾ of the way. Do not fill it to the top or it will spill over before it cooks. Place it in the oven. I hope you didn’t turn the oven off after taking out the eggs. Bake for about 20 minutes. Check it after twenty minutes to see if it’s just set. If it is not done yet, then check on it every ten minutes after that until its set. Then sprinkle all that nice cheddar cheese on top! If you’re really a pro you grated a block of cheddar yourself. You saved money and hopefully your fingers too! Then place it back in the oven until it is all melty and yummy. Let it rest for only a few minutes and sever with fresh bagels, English muffins or toast. Add orange juice, tomato juice or pineapple juice. Add mimosas or Bellini’s or Bloody Mary’s if your home with friends and enjoy!

 This recipe works in a cast iron Dutch oven. If your ever stuck in the woods and need a good hearty breakfast meal in a hurry. This will work. To make it in a hurry you can precook the sausage and the bacon before the trip and breing it with yopu in the cooler. You can even cook the bacon and sausage the night before while making dinner! The just put it all in the cooler for the next morning. Duck oven cooking is a whole lesson in it itself. In addition, you do not need water to clean a Dutch oven only coarse salt, oil and a $#@& load of paper towels! I will save that tip for the Scouts!

Next time we will cover pouches eggs and Hollandaise Sauce for my favorite, Eggs Benedict. That’s all in our next Lesson…

Stay healthy, be happy and eat well!

The Drunken Chef

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