This is yummy. but I would not usually serve this at a party. I think the bread would get too mushy, but maybe you, my fine readers would leave a comment or two on if it works for you. I usually make this on a much smaller scale with smaller Italian bread and eat it for lunch.


            Bread Knife

            Cutting Board


            Ma’s Meatballs

            One pound of whole milk mozzarella (Polly-O brand)

            Fresh baked Italian bread

            Slice open the Italian bread lengthwise. Lightly butter and garlic powder the bread. Toast it under the broiler. This will help prevent the bread from getting too soggy from the spaghetti sauce.

Melt the mozzarella on the top piece of bread under the broiler. I heated the meatballs in Ma’s Spaghetti Sauce in a pot on the stove.

            To transport and serve it, I am using a jellyroll pan and aluminum foil. I put a cutting board under it so it can be cut up upon my arrival at Jennifer’s school.

            Serve warm and with a Tray of Salad.

           -The Drunken Chef (Russ)

© Russ Ahrens and The Magic of a Perfect Pairing, 2021

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