7 to 9 Tablespoons of ground coffee

8 six once cups of filtered water (six once cups?! What? That is what those stupid lines are for! Who knew? So, a whole pot of coffee is not even a whole 8 cups! Why?!) So be careful, there are 8 ounces in 1 cup therefore ¾ cup = 6 ounces in America. I use the damn lines! Sheesh!


Let us start with the water. Bad water means bad coffee or bad tea. MOST commercial places always have a filter somewhere on the water line that leads into the back of the commercial coffee pot. If they don’t, they should! What do I do? I use the ice-cold water that is also filtered that comes out on my refrigerator/freezer. I fill the pot to the 8 “cup” mark that is located on the inside of the pot. Why cold water? Never cook with hot tap water. That is just nasty, eww. Cold water works better when used particularly with an electric percolator, like the one you own and never use because you purchased it for large parties but then put it in the back of the hall closet. Yes, that one works best when you start with cold water. Next, add a coffee filter to the basket. No one likes grounds in their cup. “It’s the Grim!” Well, that was tea in the bottom of the cup…if you read Harry Potter. I digress. Let’s add the coffee already as I’m falling asleep. Now, plug it in or turn it on and let it do its thing. Mine is manual so I actually have to turn on the stove to high. I have to remain close by and wait for it to start to perk. Annoying huh, but it’s cooking! Then when it starts to perk and I can see it, remember that little clear glass thingy on top? I turn the heat down to medium-low so it remains perky (perky get it? it’s coffee) Never mind, and set the timer for seven minutes. Now, if you like your coffee richer or more flavorful this is where the COOKING part comes in. You can adjust the recipe to YOUR taste. Start by increasing the time you cook the coffee by one or two minutes. Next, you can add a tablespoon or two to the seven already in there. Each time you try something new, make a note of what you did mentally, or if you’re your tired in the morning, make a note of it in your phone! Once you get a perfect pot of coffee, repeat the same steps! Wa-la, you’re cooking! After the seven minutes are up, I turn off the stove and let it stand so the coffee in the basket now filters all the way through (aka finished cooking/perking).

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