I did go into the city (NYC) to see the Van Gogh Experience. We hired a car to drive us back and forth which eliminated some stress. However, Jennifer is still in a lot of back pain and I was worried about the drive and all the walking around. The drive went okay and the driver was really good about trying to keep the ride as smooth as New York streets today will let you.

When we arrived, we were dropped off right at the door. That was perfect. We also walked right in. There was no long line to stand in and wait, which was also good. When we all got inside, Jenn managed to walk and stand around for a little while before the pain became too great. The nice people at the show quickly got her a chair to sit down. She sat for about an hour until we were all ready to leave and go to lunch. I had hoped there would be lots of restaurants close by, but unfortunately the South Street Seaport was a mile away.

When we left the Van Gogh Experience, we started for the South Street Seaport, but after watching Jennifer walk for only a short time, realized she would never make it all the way there. We turned up Rutgers Avenue and found ourselves in the area of China Town. “YUM”, I thought, but my hopes were soon dashed. None of the restaurants close by were open for dine in eating.

By the time we hit Canal Street, Jennifer could no longer walk and she sat down on a stoop in pain. I made the decision to car the driver and give up on lunch. Jennifer felt horrible not just because of her back now but before she was keeping everyone from having lunch in the city. I felt terrible too seeing her in so much pain and now upset over not be able to walk.

When we came home, she laid right down and took more pain medicine. We all went to Panera. I do enjoy their coffee at least. Maybe next time I go into the city I will have a better food adventure for you.

Now I will switch gears and tell you about lunch at work yesterday. I decided to make Caesar Salad with grilled chicken for my next meal.

First, we need to start by marinating some chicken. It was an early morning trip to the market to get what I needed. Luckily, I remembered two cutting boards and a zip top bag. One cutting board for chicken and one for salad. You will see what the zip top bag is for soon.



Vegetable peeler

chef’s knife

cutting board





The ingredients include chicken and a marinade. This time for fast and easy, I am using a premade Italian salad dressing. I will do this before my day starts at work and marinate them until lunch time. Then all I have to do is grill them quick, cut them up, and add them on top of the salad.


Trim and slice the chicken breast in half so they will cook evenly. I cut them length wise. I added them to the marinade in the zip top bag. Then into the fridge to marinate for 5 hours (over night work have been better) .

Grill the chicken on high, turning to keep from burning. Overcooked chicken is dry, so I carefully test with my instant read thermometer to make sure they aren’t overdone. Then, I bring them inside to rest. I now slice them into LARGE chunks. They are placed on top of the salad at the end.



The ingredients for for the salad are romaine Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, seasoned croutons, and Caesar Dressing. If you use a bottled salad dressing, I recommend Marie’s. It’s usually found in the refrigerated section of the produce aisle. I like their Blue cheese dressing too.


Chop the lettuce and add to the bowl. Peel the cucumbers using a vegetable peeler. Next, dice cucumber as shown into bite size pieces. Add cucumber to the bowl as shown below. Dice the tomatoes and, yuppers you guessed it, add them to the bowl. Now add the dressing. For this size salad, I used a whole jar of Marie’s salad dressing (not enough time to make it from scratch today).

Plate ad top with grilled chicken

Enjoy the cool refreshing salad for lunch of dinner! Until next time, Eat well, be happy and stay healthy!

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