You have already learned: How to make Hamburgers. Now with that in mind, we start getting fancy. The first step in fancy burgers is cheese. I add different cheeses. On my buffalo burger I add Provolone.

BEFORE you put that hamburger on the grill to cook it you will need a few things. Wash some lettuce. It can be either iceberg or romaine. Next slice a tomato. Last slice some Pickle. Okay, now we make the sauce. Click here for the recipe: Buffalo Wing Sauce .

Now go cook that burger! Add the provolone cheese just before its done and melt it on by closing the lid to the BBQ. Now put it on a bun. Pour over the top of the burger the sauce. Then add lettuce, pickle, tomato, and some blue cheese dressing on TOP! Just eat and enjoy!!

Try this with one of my turkey burgers in the fall or a Veggie burger!

Until we meet again be well, sleep well, and drink merrily.

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The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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