Guacamole is a staple at my house. We use so much of it I often buy it premade. There are rare occasions when I have ripe avocados that I need to use up, so I use them in this recipe.


2 avocados

2 tablespoons lime juice

1/2 teaspoon dry or fresh Cilantro

1 to 2 tablespoons Salsa

1 clove garlic Minced

1/2 a small Onion, minced fine

1 tablespoon Recaito (optional)

A few drops of Cholula (optional for heat)

Avocado freed from its encasement and pit

Cut the avocado in half. Twist apart. Scoop out meat from its shell using a tablespoon. Remove the pit from the other half, scoop out second half. Place avocado in bowl or mortar and pestle. Add all your ingredients that you want on top of the avocado, and mash using a knife and fork at first, and then the back spoon, unless your crazy like me and own a food grade mortar and pestle.

Serve with chips or just about anything else!


The Drunken Chef (Russ)


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