2 full racks of Pork Spare Ribs

2 bottles Sweet Baby Ray Bar-B-Q sauce

1 ½ tablespoon Paprika

1 ½ tablespoon Salt

1 tablespoon Onion powder

1 tablespoon Garlic powder


Heat Barbecue on high for 15 minutes

Prepare the ribs by removing the silver skin on the rib side.  This is not easy, but there is a trick. I will try and make a video soon for you.

Season spare ribs on both sides with onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and salt (dry rub).

Cook ribs until brown on both sides BUT NOT DONE!      

Preheat oven to 300 degrees

Place the under-cooked ribs in baking dish and then put in the oven uncovered.

Cook 2 hours. Making sure the heat stays low….you may even turn it down as low as 225 degrees. It just takes longer, but they are well worth the wait.

After two hours, check for doneness. The meat should separate from the bone fairly easily. Drain most of the fat from the dish, but not down the sink drain; it will clog it. Cover ribs with Bar-B-Que sauce in the same pan, mixing in some of the fat and coating the ribs well. Then, return to oven for 20 minutes or heat on barbeque for BEST results.

NOTES: This recipe is the result of years of practice, but in the end it produces a consistently good batch of ribs and can be done in a large enough batch for a party.


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