Happy Monday everyone. Yes, I’m happy even though I am on my way to work. The fact that I am on my way to work is one of the reasons I’m so happy! I like having a job and being employed not to mention the fact that since the hurricane missed us the place is still standing as well as my house!

I did not do a whole heck of a lot of cooking this weekend. In fact I barely did any cooking. I don’t really remember Friday except I’m sure I ate something. I just don’t think I was the one who cooked it cooked it.

Saturday morning, bright and early, I went with Jennifer to get acupuncture for her back pain. Then later that same day we had a wedding. Yes, a wedding! This had originally been planned exactly one year ago and Covid had stopped it. Now it was almost canceled by a hurricane but the hurricane was scheduled to make landfall until the early morning hours of the next day. SO to the wedding we went.

It was a beautiful affair with a lovely couple that looked totally in love. It was just like a Hallmark movie! It was nice to see this and it raised my faith in humanity just a little bit.

The event was held right on the water with the boats bobbing on the waves from the encroaching storm as the wind pickup just outside. Dark storm clouds slowly filled the sky but love was in the air and it felt good to be doing somthing normal again after a crazy year. I liked being here with all these people, in this closed space, with doom on the horizon and a beer in my hand.

The first thing I did was hit the bar for a beer and get Jennifer a plain seltzer with three cherries as she does not usually consume alcoholic beverages. Next we found our seats and watched the ceremony. The ceremony itself was almost as beautiful as the bride. The groom was a handsome young man and I envied his long happy life ahead, just for a bit. I prayed that their life would be filled with children and much happiness. I figured she wanted kids, being she is a kindergarten teacher who loves her job.

After the ceremony it was onto the food and cocktail hour. We found our table and we knew one other couple we were sitting with. The cocktail hour food was ready almost immediately whisked Jennifer off to the buffet line. Jennifer was already in pain from sitting through the ceremony but standing seamed to help a little bit as we waited in a short line. In the first chaffing dish we came up too was shrimp and scallop marsala. I placed two shrimp and two scallops on my plate with some sauce. The very next chaffing dish was baked clams so being a glutton I only placed one of those on my plate as well. I could always come back for seconds I thought. Since this was a seafood restaurant I was looking forward to these two items in particular.

Both the clam and the seafood marsala was not as hot as I would like but it was not cold either. The shrimp and scallops were cooked well but the marsala sauce seemed a little bland. Perhaps they ran out of wine? The baked clam however was just the opposite. It was over seasoned with spices, particularly pepper . I think it was the cayenne that made them almost inedible, so I didn’t finish it. So much for seconds.

I could not even drink any more beer as I would be the one driving us home. Jennifer was already in pain and it was getting worse. Next we headed over to the caving station. It was beef. Yum, love beef. I asked for a nice slice off the center and Jennifer asked for the end slice. There too I also saw some mashed potatoes so I added that t my plate. Jennifer later pointed out that the table it was set up as a mashed potato “Bar” with bacon, broccoli that looked like it was over cooked and some sour ream. I missed it, didn’t I didn’t even see gravy. In the end it did not matter. This whole round of food was cold. Mash potato’s suck when they are not hot.

I was not there for the food I told myself but there to share in the fun and joy of our friends wedding. Hell who am I kidding I used to LOVE to eat catered food. What happened to me? I glanced at the small menu of the table to choose my entrée. Fish not beef. That’s my choice and I’m sticking with it, I thought. Funny at weddings they always serve beef, fowl and or fish.

I choose fish and when the waiter came (who I knew from Scouting) I stuck to it. In the mean time Bill from the couple I knew asked if I wanted to join him outside for a cigar. I wanted to even though the weather looked nasty but I could not leave Jennifer alone and in pain so I sat back down next to her. She chatted with the gentleman we both knew sitting next to her. The music was too loud to hear him across from Jennifer so I was left out of the conversation. To my left was one of the groomsmen so he was not there often enough to have any conversations with. Besides he was with his wife and another couple and they all didn’t need me honing in of there good time. SO I sat and watched as the storm roll in and as the cocktail hour wrapped up and was rolled out through the storm and back to the main restaurant. Did I mention we were in a separate building? We were and it was lovely.

The wedding party was back from their picture adventures and dinner was soon served. It started with a salad of spring greens with strawberries. Did I ever tell you Jennifer is allergic to strawberries. I snatched hers off her plate with my fork but she still didn’t touch her salad. She didn’t miss anything as far as a good salad. It was not cold. Mine had no dressing and yet it was one of the best things so far. The strawberries were delicious.

Next was the ravioli course. These were spinach pasta ravioli with a mushroom stuffing. This sounded like something I would order off a menu. They came to the table in a butter sauce with freshly parmesan cheese on top. Again not hot, but well cooked. The first thing i noticed was the color the the pasta. They (to me) didn’t look like an appetizing green. It was the color green that almost look artificial. They tasted okay and I ate most of this dish but could not get past the color. I’m getting weird and picky as I get older, huh. DONT answer that Sam!

Next was the entrée. The music was softer during dinner and I had finally noticed it when a plate with a small piece of swordfish was placed in front of me. I tasted it. It wasn’t bad. If it were hotter I would have even liked it more. After all this is a seafood restaurant, they should be able to get a piece of fish right. Correct? So yes, I can recommend the swordfish at Captain Bills Restaurant.

Then it was time for dessert. Mmm. Coffee. And cake. I’m not a big cake person. I’m not a big dessert person in general. I am usually finishing up my beverage, either wine or beer. I usually have coffee and rarely eat cake. This however was a wedding. The whole cake thing is a must! We all watched as the bride and groom fed each other cake. Jennifer was happy just to be standing again after sitting so long in a folding chair and was now in more pain. I tried to rub her back as best I could through her beautiful dress but I don’t think it helped much. She did find two Tylenol in the woman’s room courtesy basket and took them with her seltzer.

The cake came and it was a cannoli cream cake. It looked wonderful and if it were not so humid because of Hurricane Henri coming it would have been delicious but between the storm and being on the water it didn’t go well for the cake. Again, I’m not here for the food but the fun, so I asked Jennifer if she wanted to dance. Right after that she gave me that look like “Are you f-ing kidding me! NO!” So I rubbed her back and sipped on my coffee.

We left shortly after that. It had been the latest we were out in a long time and Jennifer could not wait to get home and put an ice pack on her back.

I, in true form, took no pictures except for one of Jennifer and the bride. I really need to get better at that. So Saturday was a day of not cooking. Sunday was not much better. We ordered take out finding the only place open after a hurricane was Chinese restaurant. I picked up the food and we all headed over to my sister in-laws for dinner.

On the bright side of a dreary rain filled day, she made some delicious scones and coffee for dessert. I should have skipped the coffee as it kept me up ALL night. So until tomorrow have a good day and may all your food adventures be good ones.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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