The Morning Ritual

Good morning. I started my morning by flipping my meat for sauerbraten and squeezing my bag of goo for friendship bread. Then making coffee. Some would say I’m living the dream and life doesn’t get much better!  I say I still could have used that $700 million dollar lottery ticket and do some real good.

Last night was salad and meatballs for Jennifer (pictured above). She ate the meatballs but not all the salad. I had leftover steak from the Carriage House Restaurant, a salad (I made) and roasted potatoes. I’m am sorry to say but I like my steak better but this was good.

After dinner I cleaned up and made Minestrone soup. This is lunch for the crew at work. I hope it tastes as good as it smells. I have not tried it yet. I can add salt or whatever at work if need be when I do finally taste it. I never usually serve a dish to a guest with out tasting it first…

Well I’m to work. Enjoy your day and enjoy your soup! The Drunken Chef (Russ)  

2 thoughts on “The Morning Ritual”

  1. I missed a tasting day????
    O no – Perhaps I’ll swing by – I can smell the delish aroma from here. I should be there by 1:30 – can you prepare me a “to go” bowl?
    I love this blog.

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