Pasta in Pink Sauce or I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to really cook

April 21, 2021

                I have been asked to write a second article; as if the first one wasn’t torturous enough. Now you want to come back for more? So, here it goes, but instead of randomly writing posts, I have decided to write every day. Since I eat every day and do most of my own cooking, I figured I could write about that. Who wants to read about that? But my dear reader, what is in it for you? My answer: FREE recipes from the cookbook I have been writing for 20 years now. Yes, FREE. I will post the recipes from my cookbook that I cook every night at the end of the post. This way at the end of one year, you should have every recipe in my cookbook and for FREE.

                I will start this wonderful or crazy adventure May 1, 2021. Only because I love spring and it’s my favorite time of year for starting new projects. Let us see just how long this one lasts. For now (the rest of April) I will see just how difficult it will be to write a blog post every day.

                Last night I was lazy, tired and not much in the mood for cooking. Crazy I know! I came up with the brilliant idea to make pasta (not fresh but from a box – let’s not get crazy!), although my wife Jennifer was not thrilled with the idea of having pasta again.  It’s quick, (unless you don’t have home spaghetti sauce already on hand, which is did) and it’s easy and it’s filling. Unfortunately, I have been rather lazy lately and my waistline shows it from all the pasta we have been eating. Hopefully this project will help me to eat better!

                I started by heating up the last three meatballs in the sauce in a small pot over med-low heat and put on a large pot of water that I added a teaspoon of salt too on to boil. I would love to say then I when in a watch the hallmark Channel but alas there were no sappy rom-coms while I waited. I have a fear of the sauce burning so instead I opened a beer, stirred the sauce with meatballs occasionally and waiting patiently for the water to boil.

                Once the water boiled I added the pasta (from the box) and set the timer so that pasta would come out al dente’. Just five before the pasta was done I turned down the sauce to low and placed the meatballs (one and half each on our plates. Then I added some butter, half-and-half and grated parmesan cheese. Sorry I was out of heavy cream. Sue me. I put the pasta on the plate. Poured a good amount of the sauce over the top and served it up.

                Did I make a salad? No, I made that for Jennifer for lunch already. Did I make a vegetable? No, I was just too lazy. See I should eat better. I’m a bad, bad home cook for not making a vegetable. Betty Crocker would be very upset with me. Okay I’ll do better tomorrow Betty.

                Its’ time to go to my real job.


© Russ Ahrens and The Magic of a Perfect Pairing, 2021

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