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Only 174 More Days

While most people are counting the days until Christmas, I will be counting the days until April 30th. This will be the one-year anniversary of when I have started my cookbook-writing project here. I have posted 123 recipes so far but I still have 168 recipes to prepare, take pictures of and write about.

You see not only am I posting my recipes but also I am posting them as I cook them throughout the year. This way, I know it is a complete cookbook from all the entries from the past year. At least the ones that were worth of cooking. The hard part is that some of my recipes I cook more often than others. Like last night for example, I made the short rib recipe again as well as shrimp cocktail. This time the ribs were severed with a baked potato. It was all good but I have posted all those recipes earlier in this blog. I mean who cooks anything just once a year, except maybe a stuffed turkey (the traditional American Thanksgiving meal).

Having worked out in the yard all day yesterday, I was also way too tired to even make anything dessert. So, I had a half of a Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie they call Sausalito. Plus, an ice cold glass of milk. The milk I purchased at a place called Stew Leonard’s. There is only one of these huge supermarkets by me but I love this place. I also purchased the short ribs there because they were on sale this week. I really went in there for the lobster tails that were on sale but they were way too tiny at only 4 ounces to even bother cooking. Plus I don’t think that when they are that small they are very good tasting. I need a lobster tail that is at least 10 ounces for it to taste any good and it be worth going through the trouble of making for dinner. I have not made my favorite 16 once tail in so long just because the price of them is so prohibitively preventative.

What will be on tonight’s menu that I can write about? I didn’t even know yet but if you’re interested come back here and read all about it on Monday. I will need to post more than one recipe a day between now and the end of April if I plan to stay on track.

Friends of our due to come back from Florida soon and we will all need to all get together over dinner and drinks so I can hear all about their delightful culinary experiences. Unfortunately, the way Jennifer has been feeling we could not go with them; It may still be a long time before she can get on a plane or take a long trip anywhere at least until she is out of the excruciating back pain she is still in.

Today will be a day for more grocery shopping and chores around the house. The batteries in the smoke detectors need to be changed as we rolled the clocks back an hour. Hopefully, I can squeeze enough time for a bit of cooking. More importantly, I hope its new recipe. Well that’s all I have for now until I cook something. Like breakfast or maybe even lunch. You can also follow me on Instagram @drunckenchef82.

The Druncken Chef (Russ)

Sunday was Blueberry Pie Day

Sunday I made one of my usual entrées of chicken-cutlets. The side dishes were baby zucchini in a butter sauce and a simple salad.

Dessert however was a little more special. I made homemade blueberry pies with a homemade piecrust in an individual serving size – 6 inch mini aluminum pie tin. The only problem was, neither of us could eat a whole one all by our self, so we both split the same one. I just had to put vanilla ice cream on top. Plus, it was still very warm. Making the ice cream get all melty and blend into the blueberry filling.

Click here for: Homemade Pie Crust

Click here for: Blueberry Pie

Click here for: Apple Pie

The Drunken Chef (Russ) I will post a picture of my lunch sandwich on Instagram:


Some mornings the coffee just does not perk fast enough. I guess that’s why so many people prefer the Keurig. Its instantaneous coffee. I can no longer drink the coffee from it. To me the coffee from a Keurig taste likes it was made with instant coffee. I rather wait for a good pot coffee. I suppose too if you can’t wait for a pot of coffee to perk to might have trouble waiting 5 days for your sauerbraten to marinate. Yes, my meat has now been marinating 5 days and toady is the big day I get to cook it! I hope it turns out to be worth the wait.

I will share the sauerbraten recipe with you today at lunch. Having never made it before I may need to tweak it a bit, so I am waiting to taste it first before I send it to you, my dear readers. Remember the first rule of cookery: try it before you server it. That’s why I will post the recipe having eaten eat first.

Last night, I peeled, boiled and riced some potatoes. Today is also potato dumpling day. This is to go with the sauerbraten. I also went to the supermarket last night for a jar of pickled red cabbage. Who knew they would be out? They always had this red cabbage stuff when I didn’t need it. It is not as if it is that popular of a food item here in New York. They were out of a lot of stuff. What? Ugg. Apparently they are having a hard time getting deliveries. I will try another place on my way to work this morning. I do not love shopping at the crack of dawn or do I? Considering what I have been doing for this “cookbook hobby” of mine perhaps I am beginning to think I am masochistic. Nah! I just need that dam cup of coffee. Come on cook already!

So pictured below is the potatoes I made last night. It looks like rice right? I guess that what happens when you boil potatoes. Then you have to let them cool to room temperature and put it through a potato ricer (pictured below).

Well I’m to work. Enjoy your day and enjoy your own lunch!

The Drunken Chef (Russ) 

The Sauerbraten Saga Begins

Good morning. It’s Tuesday October 5th 2021 and too early in the morning for me to be up but I am. I am still not sleeping well. I seem to wake up at 4:30am every day. Then I have to be up an hour later for work so I can’t fall back to sleep. Maybe when we turn the clocks back I will be able to fall back to sleep.  Enough about my problems. There is cooking to be done.

Last night I started the sauerbraten marinating. The beef (two small chuck pot roasts) is marinating in a vinery mixture of: 1 cup red wine vinegar, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, two onions, a tsp of black pepper and a whole head of garlic. I squeezed it all into a zip lock bag. (see picture above) This needs to marinate for five days so it will not be until Friday before we will see and taste the fruits of our efforts. I will also be making some side dishes. I will write more about that tomorrow. Rich, from my office, has requested applesauce to go with his. This seems to be a reasonable request so apple sauce for Richie it is.

I also made moms meatballs and sauce last night. I served them with spaghetti. Mine is the one that has parmesan cheese on it. It was yummy but I feel like I gained ten pounds. I miss my teenage metabolism. Lunch today will have to be low calorie soup and a salad.

That all for now good readers. Follow along this week and see how this Sauerbraten saga plays out. Until tomorrow wishing you a happy healthy Tuesday!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

The Monday Morning Bl-auh-s

Yes, it’s Monday and many of us probably have a case of the Monday morning blahs. I used to get them a lot more when I was younger and would rather be home then going to school however now that I am older I greet Monday in a new way. I see it now an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to brighten someone’s day. That is exactly what I will be doing today. Brightening three people’s day with a bag of goo called friendship bread. It also a selfish reason because it makes me feel good trying to make someone else happy.

Oher then that it will be your typical rainy Monday. One where I have to work as no one has hit the lottery, including me (sigh). Which brings me to the second thing I will be doing today. That is buying a lottery ticket or two. It is, after all advertised at $670 million dollars. Even if I wind up with half of that money in my pocket, I think I could retired from my current job and start that culinary school/restaurant! I might even get me one of those electric powdered cars from that Tesla Guy.

Oh! That Picture above. Dinner last night. No big whoop. Steak, salad, potato. (Boring – been there did that). Shhh don’t tell anyone but the Sauerbraten is coming…

Until tomorrow wishing you a happy healthy Monday!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

The Sunday Morning Post

Good Morning. I have my coffee and my sanity so we are moving in the right direction. Today I think I will search out a new farmers markets for some vegetables and fresh apples.

Update: It is day 22 of the friendship bread original starter. I did a live baking demo on Instagram of this batch. I am posting some pictures (above) of the second batch. Jennifer wanted smaller loaves to take to her class. Three more lucky people will get a crack at this amazing breakfast treat, or is it dessert. If you make it let me know when you eat it and how or when you eat it.

I also went out to eat twice this weekend. Well once we went out and once we brought food in. On Friday, Scott, Ally, Jennifer and I went to the Babylon Carriage House. Babylon is the name of a town here on Long Island. It always creeps me out to be in a town named after a place in the bible. I don’t know why. It just does. Anyway, we started with the autumn salad pictured below. It was, what’s the word, yum-a-riffic.  I will be recreating this salad next week at home in my kitchen.

Talking about salad dressing. I have to make several versions of Greek salad dressing.  I will being trying to create a new tasty salad dressing. There are after-all hundreds, maybe thousands, of Greek Salad Dressing recipes out there. Some good and some not so good. I am bored with the salad dressings I currently make so it is time for something new. My ingredient list will be: oil-packed anchovy fillets, garlic, egg yolks, Dijon mustard, freshly squeezed lemon (or lime) juice, extra virgin olive oil, canola oil,  Parmesan cheese or feta cheese, freshly ground black pepper (or white pepper), salt and maybe some fresh herbs…Cilantro or parsley or watercress. Who knows what I will make but that’s cooking isn’t it?  You experiment or make a mistake and *poof* you have something new.

We went to one other restaurant this weekend. It was an Italian restaurant I used to love but the last two times it let me down by over cooking the pasta. That would be bad enough by itself but when said pasta is the main entrée, as in Fettuccine Alfred, it is unforgivable. This was the case BOTH times. Why do I order out anyhow? I’ll tell you. It’s because sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking but if you can’t find a restaurant that can cook as good as you it’s disappointing. At least there is still the Carriage house who has an amazing chef. There is also Emilio’s in Commack. They CAN cook Italian food properly. I will keep going there for now!!

I also had a steak at the Carriage House and Scout brought with him a marvelous wine.

Breakfast today was simple, a cheese omelet, hash browns and toast with butter.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. May it be filled with good wine, good food, good friends and good health to you and your family!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

I’m still at it

It works! Those of you who followed my saga about making friendship bread know it takes ten days to make the starter. Well yesterday was day six of the second batch. Originally I was thinking that the yeast died as it didn’t look like it was doing anything but I persevered and yesterday, being day six, I added the four, sugar and milk. Well with in an hour the starter was bubbling away. The yeast was alive and happy. This morning I had to let the Co2 out, as the bag was ready to pop. You could smell the bready aroma of the yeast. So it works and I’m very excited as I will soon be making my second batch to give to some lucky fellow employees come Monday.

Sorry I didn’t write you all yesterday. It was a bit of a hectic morning. That’s okay as you didn’t miss anything too exciting. Dinner Monday was simple, sirloin steak from the grill, pierogis (instead of potatoes), and a simple salad of lettuce and cucumber. Then Tuesday’s was breakfast was from my friends at the local Bagel place (hungry man on a roll). For lunch, I made Jennifer Chicken Salad and had an Italian hero myself. Last night was icky. I picked up dinner from a diner. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken that was delicious but the burger was bad. It had a sour taste that both Jennifer and I noticed right away. It was as if the meat had gone bad but let’s hope that’s not the case or I will be sick as  dog today. We both only had one bite and threw it away. I should have just cooked myself.

After our hamburger debacle, we were still hungry. I needed gas in my car and a lottery ticket for the big $570 million dollar jackpot. They never really give you all that much unless you want to wait twenty years to collect it all, and who does that? You get about half in the end, then taxes, blah blah blah, it is still a lot of dough. Anyhow, while I was out I thought I would make some chocolate chip cookies (speaking of dough). Too lazy to make them from scratch I purchased a big tube of Nestles Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough. I brought it home and added some pecans to the dough in a bowl. Then baked um. “Yum-O” as Rachel Ray would say. I had a big icy cold glass of milk with them and whet to bed. I’m bring the rest into work for my fellow office staff this morning.

So that is it and you are all caught up. OH today for lunch….Jambalaya …..first time in the Insta-pot! Wish me luck!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

If I win the lottery maybe I will open cooking school with a restaurant here on Long Island. If they give me a nice tax break or I could always go to Boston too. Maybe both?!

White Bean Stew

Good morning. There is actually a chill in the air here on Long Island. It feels like the fall had finally arrived. The past two three night I have not slept well. I feel like I wake up just as tired as I went to bed. I came home from work early because I felt so bad. I bought all the fixings for a large pot of chicken stock with noodles and matzo balls.

In the pot, I threw in a whole chicken along with two boneless chicken breasts, the water, spices, onion and celery. I let cook for an hour. Then I added the other vegetables, turnip, parsnip, and a potato. Why a potato?

While I was making the chicken soup I saw a picture of Chicken Chowder and thought Jennifer might like that better. She is not really a soup person but likes stew. I guess everyone is making some kind of soup now.  INSTAGRAM was filled with soup pictures yesterday. So I decided now to make a white bean stew. This was done completely off the cuff and why I added the potato.

You see, after another hour the vegetables were now all nice and soft. I transferred them to another lager pot along with some of the stock and pureed them using my hand blender. I added just enough stock after the vegetables were pureed to get just the right consistency before adding a can of cannellini beans and a can of navy beans. Then I added some spices. Garlic powder, paprika and just the smallest pinch of nutmeg. I cooked it for 20 minutes and added some fresh parsley and baby bak-choy. It turned out great. Jennifer had two bowls! She just said that some carrots would have been nice in it. I have to agree. I forgot the carrots!

Well that’s is all for today. I am going to try and rest today. I still have to close up the pool, and mow the lawn, and do laundry…but I will still try and rest. I will post official recipes later for White Chicken Stew and Chicken stock later but now I am going to go keep Jennifer company.


The Drunken Chef (Russ)


We made it. It’s Friday! The coffee is on and it’s just one workday/school day until the weekend. I miss school a little. I miss college actually. I don’t miss high school because I don’t miss being a teenager. If I won the lottery, I might go back to college for writing, maybe. Then again, after winning the lottery, I may be too busy touring around the world eating and drinking to care about school. The lottery, by the way, is almost half a billion dollars again. Not that you get that much after taxes but I could live on a ¼ billion dollars I think. I digress.

The topic today is Deviled Eggs. I volunteered to make deviled eggs for Lorraine’s Birthday today. Happy birthday Lorraine!

Last night I had a Scout meeting to attend. After the meeting at 8:30pm I went grocery shopping. I had no eggs. A major problem when making deviled eggs. That’s okay because, for the first time I used JUMBO eggs instead of my usual extra-large. I found that jumbo works out the best as far as yoke to white ratio.

I began by Hard Boiling the Eggs. I let them cool in the ice water for 20 minutes. After they were cooled, I made the Deviled Eggs.

I also had a beer. I had to try the eggs then I went to bed, the only issue I had was at least three of the 12 eggs were cracked. I guess there are not many people who use jumbo eggs for anything so you have to check them carefully for damage. Luckily, my deviled egg tray only holds ten eggs or twenty deviled eggs so it was all good.

Have a good weekend.


The Drunken Chef (Russ)

PS – I am still looking for a camera crew and film editor for my YouTube Chanel if anyone is interested drop me a line.

Life after Friendship Bread

Welcome to the first day of fall! The friendship bread recipe, for those of you who do not follow me on INSTAGRAM, it turned out like a textbook picture (see below).

The friendship bread posts were fun but it’s time to move on. I will certainly be baking that recipe every 10 days for as long as I stand it. I may even do a YouTube post next time. Now it’s back to our regular scheduled program.

I had company come over on Sunday. We ate, we drank, and we had great fun.

I set the table prior to everyone’s arrival (see below). I usually only do this at Thanksgiving but now I seem to be more inspired. The china sets in my house seem to be growing now at an exponential rate in large part thanks to Sam. Between that and my writing, both seem to be encouraging me to use the various china, flatware, and glassware we own. It was nice to see everyone’s face, including Jennifer’s, when they saw the table.

The recipes I made were a salad, scallops and skirt steak. Let’s start with the Spinach Salad with shrimp tempura, mandarin oranges and candied pecans. Click the link above for the salad recipe and here for the salad dressing recipe: Mandarin Orange Balsamic Vignette.

The second course was a scallop dish that I have been wanting to make for a while. Jennifer does not like scallops so unless I want to eat them alone I had to wait for company to come over and join me. Usually my surf and turf combos include lobster or some kind of shrimp dish.  Those Jennifer will eat. The scallops, as it turned out, were not very big so I was not supper impressed with the size of the scallops that wound up on my plate.  I will have to make scallops on a bed of beet couscous again with bigger scallops next time but you can get the idea of what we ate here:

Scallops in Butter Sauce

Couscous (I used the beet variation found in the notes section)

The last thing I made was the entre, Skirt Steak.

I marinated it in: Steak Marinade II


The Drunken Chef (Russ)

PS – I am still looking for a camera crew and film editor for my YouTube Chanel if anyone is interested drop me a line.