The One – Sushi Restaurant Review

My mother loved to read the newspaper every day while drinking her tea in the morning. She drank coffee once in a blue moon. She loved the Sunday paper, because inside was the restaurant review section. We did not eat out at restaurants much as kids or even as adults when we all lived at home. A restaurant was left to only enjoy on special occasions like your birthday. It wasn’t until we were all older and working when we stated to take her out on Mother’s Day. Other than that she cooked for us every day. Sometimes she even made separate meals between my sister, brother or I getting home at different times. My sister was not a big fan of spaggetti either. Sherry (my sister) certainly didn’t like it as much as my brother and I did. So my sister sometimes ate something like a meatball hero parmigiana or piece of the pork cooked in the sauce on garlic bread. I think it’s my mother who gave me my love for food and going to nice restaurants so I would like to dedicate this section to her. Since she had grand children that she loved, and so let’s call it “Grams’ Restaurant Review (short for grandma), in her honor.

As to the first selection of a restaurant it was just bad timing that we choose a restaurant that I’m sure my mother is turning over in her grave at. I’m using as the first  restaurant a sushi joint. I know exactly what she would say too. “Couldn’t you have chosen a nice sea food place?” My mother was never one to say a bad thing about anyone or anything unless it really got her upset. “Sushi? Really? You should find a nice place that has lobster tails. Preferably the big 16 ounce size or king crab legs.”

Nope, it was Friday night and everyone wanted sushi and wine. Mmm wine.  I think, it was Jennifer that chose the actual restaurant as it was closer then one of our usual sushi places in Merrick. Closer, in this case, does mean better. When your stuffed and drunk, a long ride just puts your to sleep afterwards. This was the restaurant that was chosen: The One Sushi & Asian Bistro, Located at 330 Merrick Road, Amityville, NY 11701. My good friend Scott made the reservations for the six of us at 6pm. Six at Six!

Driving up we were very lucky. Not only to find one spot open but two in a very tiny parking lot right out front. There is parking in the back, but it can just feel like such a long walk on my old and tired legs. Closer, in this situation as well, is better.

In attendance was Sam, Alyssa, Scott, Allison, Jennifer and myself. The place inside was clean and it was certainly not over-crowded with people, which was nice. We had a lovely young woman waiting on us who was very polite and friendly. Scott, who has excellent taste, ordered our first bottle of wine.  The waitress came back to the table with 5 frosty chilled glasses and a wonderful blue bottle. Yes, it was a white wine, specifically a Riesling from Germany, called Blufeld. Our server poured a glass for everyone but Jennifer who was one of the designated drivers and Alyssa who only had half a glass to taste it because she was also driving. The rest of the icy cold bottle was ours to enjoy. I thought we would each get two glasses but alas you do not get many serving from one tiny bottle of wine. I wonder if they make this stuff in magnums? I then tasted the wine and it was delicious all on its own.

Next, we placed our sushi order. Scott, who loves to pair food with wine, asked if we wanted him to order for us. Now when it comes to food or wine Scott has never let us down in choosing the things we feast upon. When it comes to the perfect pairing of food and wine we are never disappointed. Both Jennifer and I truly appreciate Scott’s recommendations as neither of us can make up our own minds in regard to what we both want off a menu. In the past we always ordered two different meals, or several appetizers and shared them. There’s so many choices and so little time or room in our stomachs. That’s why we minimize portion, to maximize flavor.

I think over the years of going out with Scott, Alison, and Alyssa, to eat everywhere from New York to Florida (I love Disney restaurants) we have eaten some of the best meals in our lives. Scott has a wealth of knowledge about wine as well and pairs it all up perfectly with the food. I guess that why he is a member of the Sommelier Guild.

So if the food was going to be suck-ish at least I knew the company was going to be amazing. We started with three orders of rock shrimp (Rock Shrimp is a delectable tempura battered shrimp, coated in a spicy and creamy egg-based sauce). Oh yeah, do you have any idea how annoying it is when one of your friends decides to do a restaurant review that night and now has to take pictures of everything? They were all amazing about it and even offered to help me. So thanks to them we have these great pictures of the plates of food. Despite the fact that I could see a vein popping out of my son’s neck when I stood up in the nice restaurant to achieve photographic mediocrity, he was a champ and took a few photos for me.

Frist was the rock shrimp, like I said. This was one of the best rock shrimp dishes I’ve ever had and Allison thinks it was the best rock shrimp we have had so far. It had a bit of a kick of spiciness to it that paired perfectly with the semi-sweet Riesling. Thanks to Scotts recommendation!

It was time for our second bottle of icy cold wine. It was the same as the first.

Next was the Lover Roll – I love this roll and have eaten it in a few restaurants before. I think back on the first time I tried this roll it was the best Love Roll I have ever eaten but doesn’t always seem to be that way with everything. The first time you always seem to remember as the best but it probably really wasn’t!

Next was the Loster Lover roll (No kidding! That’s exactly how it appears on the menu!) (LOL who influenced that Lobster choice I wonder?) It had lobster in it so what could be bad about that. Nothing, as it turned out, it was quite good. Plus, it had black caviar on top!

The Angry Dragon roll – This too was delicious. Like many of H.P. Lovecraft’s monster’s it was too insane for words. in the words of my son, “Simply divine”.

Lastly was a roll with two kinds of tuna. Spicy tuna and tuna right on top and rolled with purple rice! I didn’t think it looked great because it was so purple but it too was delicious.

Then we ordered one more botte of wine for our last three dishes. However maybe we should have changed it up because it came out room temperature. I don’t remember the waitress saying anything either like “I have no more cold Blufeld wine. Perhaps you would like something different.” Maybe she just thought we were all to drunk to notice, but we did.  We certainly would have let it sit in the ice bucket before drinking it!

Scott ordered our next three dishes. Tuna sashimi, a salmon ceviche topped with tomato and jalapeno and a tuna round with a beautiful salad on top. I’m guessing Jennifer and Alison ate the salad because I know I didn’t. Not with all that sushi I was worried about eating it all but we managed to finish every piece! They were all fantastic too! Where did they lose ½ a star? The warm wine of course! It was only half too because the first two bottles were perfectly chilled and the frosted glasses were a nice touch!

All in all it was a good time and good time was had by all. Especially since, it was all topped off with ice cream Sundays that were purchased at the Carvel in West Islip. Paul always does an amazing job and this was no exception. I’m sure you will be hearing more about Paul in this blog and his ice cream all throughout the year to come. Thank you Paul and the Scouts thank you too!

So go if you have the chance, be adventurous and eat sushi and/or sashimi and enjoy yourselves! I think of all sushi as just the vehicle to enjoy soy sauce and wasabi!

Stay healthy, be happy and enjoy everything you eat and drink!

The Drunken Chef

Chilled Glasses
The Perfect Wine
Rock Shrimp – the first course. Then more wine.
Second course with more wine
Still Second course
Third course – third bottle of wine
Last dish

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