Welcome Back

            Let me start by apologizing that I have not been writing any posts this week but I have not been cooking. I have been working and eating take out.  The few things I did do made this week just plain boring to write about. Monday for example, I did not cook and had Chinese food from my usual local, take out only, restaurant. Tuesday I felt terrible and had to call in sick to work. I might have gotten a bad wonton or ate something bad that was not even from there. I am not sure what it really was but my stomach was in a lot of pain! I always enjoy the food from my this Chinese place and NEVER had a problem before so I will be going back. Just not anytime soon in order to play it safe. Tuesday night was just simple sandwiches made with cold cuts and rolls. I ran out y at 5:30pm and picked up cold cuts after not feeling well all day. The cold cuts and rolls I purchased from my local small grocery store. I love this place, but it is always changing its name and that makes me feel like it going out of business any day now.

I recuperated Tuesday night enough to get to work Wednesday morning and started feel even better as the day went on, it was just enough so I felt human again by the time I got off work. Wednesday night was the same boring pasta and pink sauce that I posted about earlier in the month. I seem to be stuck in a rut. “Stuck in a rut” is an old timey colloquialism used when the “chuck wagon” or horse drawn covered wagons from the Wild West had wooden wheels and followed each other along the same in the road making deep tracks in the mud. There were so many wagons on one road that they produced deeper and deeper ruts simply by following behind the previous wagons. It was so bad that sometimes the deep ruts in mud made it difficult to turn off the road they were on.  WHEW!

            Long story short, I have not been cooking. Thursday night we went out to celebrate our good friend and “semi adopted daughter” Alyssa’s graduation from college with her masters degree in teaching – science! YAY! I am so happy for you! We all are!

It was Alyssa’s choice for a restaurant that evening and she choose The One in Amityville, NY. I have written a review about this place before. Again, I am becoming so boring.

            The restaurant choice did not disappoint any of us. Just like before, the wine was served icy cold, including the second bottle. We did ask for an ice bucket for the second bottle to keep it cold. Alyssa did all the ordering as it was her day to be celebrated and her food choices were amazing (see pictures below). I think everyone agreed that the love roll was everyone’s favorite. Alison actually did say: “Everyone loves the Love Roll!”

            We all had excessively too much to eat and then topped off the celebration with Paul’s ice cream sundaes. Do you remember Paul? I spoke about him before too, he is from the local carvel that I will be talking about ALL summer.

            I’m keeping this post short. We are all gearing up for a HUGE Memorial Day Weekend around here but first I have one boring weekend to get through.

            I will keep you all posted on what I’m cooking and eating so stop back soon!

            Until then stay HEALTHY!  Eat well and drink responsibly.

            The Drunken Chef (Russ)

© Russ Ahrens and The Magic of a Perfect Pairing,2021

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