Introducing Our New Senior Copy Editor

Today, I would like to introduce and thank Julianna (AKA Jules) for joining the staff here at THE MAGIC OF A PERFECT PAIRING magazine. Julianna currently holds our new position of chief copy editor.

Julianna is far more than my new copy editor, she makes sure that all the stories in our little magazine read well, flow logically, and are grammatically correct, while also fixing all my incredibly bad spelling errors along the way.

She has a tough job as my copy editor in combating all my dangling modifiers, errant commas, and all other common grammatical mistakes. She is far more than just our magazine proofreader, she is a family friend and I hope she can come to visit my kitchen soon for some taste testing events.

She is very detail-oriented and skilled as a writer in her own right. I hope to be able to get some stories written by her for your reading pleasure. Her input will help to improve the quality, content and style of this magazine. I am now constantly on the lookout for more writers, reporters, and correspondents to join us here at THE MAGIC OF A PERFECT PAIRING so we can provide the best content possible to make your cooking and dining experiences even better!

Please join me if giving Jules a warm welcome and let’s encourage her to write an article or two herself!

Thank you for all your help, Julianna!

-The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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