One year & 291 Recipes

            June 3, 2021

            Since it is the second month that I have been working on my new adventure, to write and “publish” a cookbook in one year consisting of 291 recipes, I thought I would assess the progress so far.

            Up until the end of May, I have posted approximately 20 recipes from the recipe book that I have been writing for the past twenty plus years. Is that good progress? Well, if you consider that I have 271 recipes left that I would like to post on here by April 30th, 2022, I would say that I am a bit behind since I still need to cook and teach you 271 recipes by the end of next April.

To help you follow along on my progress, I have put up a countdown clock on the home page of this website. Time will tell as to whether or not too many brain cells were killed with alcohol or if I was crazy for setting a one year goal for this.

            I will need to pick up the pace. Not to worry, some recipes build on one another, or a recipe may only change by a few ingredients from one to the next. Trust me when I say, you will not get lost.

I have not been posting everything I have cooked over the last month. That is probably because I have been lazy and not cooking anything I felt would be worthy of reading about. I guess I will just have to put everything out there that I cook, regardless of if I think it’s any good. You get to be the judge of that. Your comments are welcome.

            I will still be going through my recipe book in a semi-logical manner. I will post what I’m cooking each day. Logically then, I will be cooking according to the season we are in now, making everything for that season in the cookbook even if I have not done so in many years.

            It sounds more like you will be reading a diary of my life as a home cook, private party chef, or even a bartender rather than some boring old cookbook. Of course, this is a teaching and learning blog, so I will do my best to explain “HOW TO COOK AMERICAN STYLE” and not just post an ingredients list and mixing procedure.

            I will, whenever possible, explain why, as a chef, you are doing certain things so you can understand the process. This way, you know in advance what is supposed to happen and the reason for it happening. I love science and there is a lot of science in cooking. It may have been just trial and error or dumb luck why things taste good, but there is science behind why something tastes good and why when it is prepared wrong, it tastes like $#%&!

            Everyone’s tastes are different; some people have allergies and some people have textural issues, but you should experiment with food and taste as much as you can. If it tastes bad, do not eat it again for a long time. Just remember that your tastes change, and something you hated as a kid you may now love now and vice versa! Always have something to drink on hand when trying something new. Just like different wines change the taste of food, whatever you’re drinking effects the foods you taste!

            The idea is to have fun. This can be your new adventure as much as it is my long time hobby, and brand new post-Covid adventure!

            On your mark, get set, GO!

            Good luck to us all!

            -The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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