June 6, 2021

Mr. Wang

1300 Montauk Hwy, Oakdale NY

631 318-3555

          Mr. Wang’s is a takeout Chinese Restaurant that is located only a few minutes’ drive from my office at work. I’m not sure who first recommend me to eat at this wonderful place of Asian Cuisine, but when I mention Mr. Wang’s to my wife Jennifer, she said, and I quote,: “Oh yeah, that place is good. We order from there all the time.”

We do talk a lot, really. Maybe it’s just not about lunch apparently, unless I’m the one to make it.

The very first thing I noticed on the menu was the Chinatown Style Noodle Soup. I love soup. Just not as much in the summer time. Unless of course, the air-conditioner in the restaurant I’m sitting at is set to fringed, then I will order it to keep warm. Otherwise, my soup selection is only available during the cooler months in NEW YORK, say October through March. Now as far as the soup menu went, here on Long Island I have NEVER seen these Chinatown soups anywhere, such as my favorite Roast Pork & Shrimp Dumpling Udon Noodle Soup. This is a delicious soup. They even let you pick your choice of noodles from: Egg Noodle (Cantonese thin noodle), Udon (Japanese), Chow Fun (Flat Wide Soft Noodle), and Mei Fun (thin Rice Noodles). There are even fourteen different soups to put those noodles into. My first soup choice is my favorite and was suggested to me by a co-worker to order hot chili oil on the side for the dumpling. OMG, I’m so hooked now on dipping the dumplings in the chili oil and eating the soup at the same time! If I am particularly hungry, I will get an egg roll too!

Post soup season, I have ordered just the homemade dumplings and chili oil. There is also my old standby shrimp Lo-Mein. I usually order this during Lent (just after New Orleans Mardi Gras and before Easter). My second choice is the chicken with mushrooms lunch special. The lunch specials come with fried rice and choice of one of three soups (wonton, eggdrop, hot and sour). Wonton being my selection. I have been told that the shrimp Egg Foo Young is also very good, although I have never tried it.

So if you’re up the my neck of the woods by work or even work with me, try Mr. Wang’s. You won’t be disappointed, unless you don’t like soup.


The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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