Today I sit with a cup of tea instead of coffee next to me. Why? In an effort to figure out why this whole fatigue thing is still happening to me, I have decided to give up coffee for the summer. Drastic I know, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Let me say this, as a lifelong coffee drinker, tea does not seem to have the same satisfaction as that first sip of coffee gives you in the morning cup.   

            Yesterday I delivered a homemade lunch to Jennifer’s classroom. Everyone seemed enthusiastic over the prospect of hot heroes and a salad. It seems everyone in her classroom LIKES salads. Since we only have a few days left of school, perhaps they will be open to the idea of me making a few of my salads for them to try. Perhaps they would even leave some comments here as to whether or not they are any good. Let’s cross that bridge next week. This weekend however, I will be posting about yesterday’s lunch and all its recipes.

Last night, I did not cook. I went out to eat at a sushi restaurant. Therefore, Sunday I will post my review of said restaurant. I will also be posting more recipes on both Saturday and Sunday because I need time to add pictures and have it edited by the talented writer and editor, Jules. I may even cook something this weekend on my grill or better yet smoke something tasty like ribs or a brisket.

Look for my posts tomorrow as the first in a series on Jenner’s classroom lunch.

Until next time – BE WELL, STAY HAPPY, and EAT GOOD THINGS!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

P.S., It’s time to go make breakfast.

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