Last night, I decided to break out the newish BBQ and grill. I made grilled chicken, grilled Zucchini, and grilled sausage with Ma’s Famous Cocktail Sauce. I also had a beer or two and listened to music. I set up a radio in the garage and attached a couple of speakers.

            I started with the sausage. That takes the longest to cook. I started cooking the ring sausage on high and when the fire flared up too high, I would turn down the heat. You must be careful not to try to cook the sausage too quickly or it will split open before it’s done. If you cook the sausage too slowly, it will dry out. Do you see now how that pancake lesson keeps coming back to remind us about timing and temperature?


            One ring of sausage

            Olive oil


            Preheat grill. Cut the sausage into 8 to 10 inch lengths. Using a paper towel and long tongs, apply a thin coat of olive oil to the grate just before cooking. Lay on the sausage in line with the grate. This prevents them from rolling. I do the same thing when making “HOT DAWGS”.  Turn the usage every 3 minutes or so. Keep and eye on them as the flare-ups sometimes happen fast from the fat and you could wind up with sausage that is burned beyond recognition if you walk away. Turn, turn turn (like the song says) until finally, after god knows how long (my internal timer says two beers) they are a nice rich golden brown like the color of my dining room table on the homepage.

Remove cooked sausage to a plate and cut up into bite size pieces. Service with cocktail sauce.

Enjoy!! Have Fun!! and “PARTY ON DUDE!” – From Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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