It’s Wednesday, so close to the weekend yet so far. Last night, I was in the middle of cooking grilled chicken, rice, and grilled zucchini when Sam interrupts me. He says: “Don’t you get bored making the same thing. I thought you were writing a food blog. You need to make new stuff.” At his suggestion, I dumped in a packet of taco seasoning mix to the chicken that had already marinated overnight in salad Italian dressing.

Sam got up from his video game and started cooking. He began by adding cilantro and lime to my Basmati rice that was cooking in chicken stock. I added butter to it. He chopped an onion and sautéed it in a small pot with olive oil. Then he opened and rinsed a can of black beans. He added that to the pot with the onions. He added parsley and cilantro to the beans next. He covered the beans and let them cook on low.

I went outside to grill the chicken and the zucchini. Meanwhile, Sam made some kind of white sauce using sour cream for the chicken . What was in it, I don’t know. I was outside when he prepared the sauce. I do know it was good and went nicely with the chicken, rice and beans. I don’t remember the zucchini much except grilling it and taking pictures.

Grilled “Taco” chicken

The Zucchini

We (Sam, Jen, my mother in-law and me) ate and we watched Jeopardy. Once my mother in-law left and Jennifer headed up to bed, I had dessert. Dessert for me was a chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk while watching The Community on Netflix. It’s a funny funny show. Sam gets a huge laugh out it! Then, I cleaned up and went to bed.

That’s all until tonight when I get to do it all again. So be well, eat tasty food, and stay happy!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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