Turkey tenderloin

Last night I cooked. I know, I know, I have not been cooking much lately. I think that will soon change. Next week I will be making a shit ton of salads. Lately EVRYONE seems to be dieting after the Covid 20 (people sat around gaining 20 pounds this year). So salads will be our featured meal next week for lunch at work. I get to experiment with recipes on my coworkers! Hee Ha ha!

Back to last night. I made a turkey tenderloin. What was my inspiration? Heck, it was on sale. I just picked it up from the market on the way home and had no time to marinate it. Since I was planning on eating it last night it would just get seasoned. I went with a dry rub. AKA I seasoned it with salt, white pepper, garlic power, onion powder, sage, and paprika.

Then it was outside to the grill with a beer in my hand. I preheated the grill as I always do. Then I put the turkey on to cook. It was two pieces of turkey actually. The day before, I had purchased a turkey breast on the bone. It even had the skin on it still. That was BEFORE they put the tenderloin on sale. They didn’t even have the tenderloin out for sale yesterday. Oh well, I had both now and was cooking both the same way.

I began by browning them on the grill over low heat. 15 minutes on each side. Then I put them into a roasting pan with turkey gravy and basted them until they baked through (no pink). When they hit 155 degrees with a my instant read thermometer, I let them rest and they reached 160 degrees. DONE.

I then tried cooking something new as a side dish. Orzo cooked in chicken broth. I made some chicken stock using Better then Billon and added finely chopped onion and carrot. Sam hates celery so I left it out. I added parsley when the onions and carts were soft. Then I added the orzo. It was done in about 12 minutes. Cooking over low heat. I also grilled up some zucchini. My old stand by.

Before even trying it, Sam said I was evil for treating the orzo that way. I said if you can do better you’re welcome to do so, and so his recipe for orzo will be next. Jennifer and my mother in-law however liked my orzo. Jennifer loved the zucchini. She didn’t care for the turkey as much but she doesn’t like turkey in general, unless it’s on toast with lettuce and mayo. Good thing I have a whole turkey London broil to slice up for sandwiches today. Who knew?

Well, that’s all for last night’s BBQ adventure. I will type up “Official” recipes for the turkey and orzo and post them soon. For now, go relax, have a beer, a glass of wine, or one of those other drink recipes. There is more to come soon!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)


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