Monday, Monday. I am for the three day weekend. The weekend was good but too short. My weekend started at BCH (Babylon Carriage House and then it continued on to Saturday with grilling steaks over charcoal and ended with heading over to see my sister for a couple of hours of pizza and old pictures.

Lets start with Friday night. Scott and Alison had returned from their Florida trip on Monday, and we were looking forward to seeing them and hearing all about their adventures. It helps that the Carriage House has some excellent food. Lets see if I can remember it all… We started with a cold bottle of Gabriella and macaroni and cheese with lobster meat (pictured below). There was also one of our staples, truffle mac and cheese. The truffle mac and cheese was as good as always. For starters they had a chopped tuna and avocado appetizer. We love this and don’t always see it so…. that was the first thing on our menu. The lobster mac and cheese was also a surprise on the specials menu. So we needed to order that. It was delicious from the first bite with just a hint of lobster on the palette. We were ALL lucky enough to get a least one nice big bite of lobster meat each and that out of a single serving. Considering there were five of us, including Alysa it was terrific! Next was the chopped baked clams. Three of us split one order of those. Having one clam each. I always love their baked clams and once again they did not disappoint me. Then there was the Cesar salad. I skipped the salad saving room for the main entre.

Scott had brought with him a red wine from BV. At the very beginning of our dinner, even before the first appetizers came, Scott had the waiter open the red wine and pour it for three of us to let it open up. By the time we were ready to order our main course the wine was ready. We decided to order the steak and rack of lamb. Now when I say “we decided” that means Jennifer and I let Scott suggest what pairs well with the wine. Even though Jennifer doesn’t drink she always loves his choices in food selection. I enjoy not really having to make a decision. So we are both very thankful for the fact Scott does this for us and does it so well. The lamb was a special this Friday and since most of don’t eat lamb often that made it an easy choice.

I started with the steak and the red wine. OMG. The steak was cooked perfectly! It was heavenly with he wine. Seasoned perfectly! Even though I love salt, it didn’t need any. I sipped the red wine before and after eating each bite. It was a slice of heaven. I took a break from the steak to try two of the lamb chops. To me, they were also cooked perfect. On the other hand Scott liked his lamb a little less well done, more rare. It did come out exactly how we ordered it, I thought. The lamb to was seasoned nicely just like the steak. Not the same seasoning of course. The lamb was season with garlic. It had more of a lamb taste for a chop then I’m am used to but if you like lamb then that’s what you want. It was nice with the wine but not a perfect match like the steak. Scott said: “The BV wine was a classic Bordeaux blend and perfect for the steak. The lamb would have been better served with a French Southern Rhône wine like a  Grenache, Syrah or Mourvèdre.” I decided to end the meal by going back to that steak and a second glass of the wine BV “Bordeaux blend”.

This wine went great with the steak

Thats all for today. More happened this weekend but Im tired and need rest tonight so I will leave off here for now.

See you Tuesday. Enjoy and be well.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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