Day 5 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Welcome to day 5. I made the coffee and gave my goo a squeeze. Now to anyone who has not read this magazine article/blog before that might sound a bit odd but the rest of you following along know that my goo is the friendship bread starter that has been percolating for five days now, along with my coffee. It’s doing well so far as it sits on my counter. It is still just 1-cup of flour, 1-cup of milk and 1-cup of sugar that I added some yeast too. It all started 5 days ago here with this recipe:

Friendship Bread Starter.

Last night was not all that exciting either, unless you like the homemade hamburgers that I have cooked many times before. I did not make anything new so I am slowly falling behind in writing about 291 recipes. I goal I set out to complete in a year but fear not good readers. I see a great many fall recipes on the horizon! Mourn not for yesterday because it has passed nor yearn for tomorrow and all its possibilities but live in the moment that is now and enjoy it. All that just means my coffee is ready!

Today we are on the cusp between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It is still barbeque weather and beautiful barbeque weather it is as the temperatures drop to the perfect mid-seventies.   Now is the best time to get my fire pit going but first I have to split some wood. Splitting all the wood in the great big woodpile in my back yard has been a project I have been working on for two years. The pile of wood is from when I had the last thirty feet of my yard cleared out of brush and trees. Leaving only one tree behind. I mistake I now regret as there is a pool there that I did not count on and every day the leaves fall in it. Anyhow, I have to get rid of this wood pile before it starts attracting termites. I have to split it by hand because I do not own a gas powdered log splitter. I could use the exercise too I suppose but that is completely off the topic of food. It does seem like Jennifer and I have been eating nothing but beef and pasta for the past two weeks so today I am in the mood for either chicken or fish. Jennifer is not a big fish eater so that leaves chicken. The question then will be what chicken dish have I not made that Jennifer will eat. People say there are so few surprises in life. To that I say – Ha!

On a side note. I am off from work today and it is going to rain. Therefore, I will have to find something indoors to keep myself busy. Like returning bottles and cans the recycling machines. I am living the dream people! Housework, yard work and bottle returns. It’s a good thing I didn’t dream big about being a celebrity chef or famous author or I would be sorely disappointed. I am just happy cooking for my family, friends and coworkers. Besides, I do not have the good looks of Chef Boyardee or the writing skills of Dr. Seuss or Charles Schulz so here I am in suburbia writing a blog and making Friendship Bread.  Take that Warren Buffet!

Until tomorrow, may your Thursday be pleasant, your food be delicious and your beer be awe-inspiring!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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