I’m still at it

It works! Those of you who followed my saga about making friendship bread know it takes ten days to make the starter. Well yesterday was day six of the second batch. Originally I was thinking that the yeast died as it didn’t look like it was doing anything but I persevered and yesterday, being day six, I added the four, sugar and milk. Well with in an hour the starter was bubbling away. The yeast was alive and happy. This morning I had to let the Co2 out, as the bag was ready to pop. You could smell the bready aroma of the yeast. So it works and I’m very excited as I will soon be making my second batch to give to some lucky fellow employees come Monday.

Sorry I didn’t write you all yesterday. It was a bit of a hectic morning. That’s okay as you didn’t miss anything too exciting. Dinner Monday was simple, sirloin steak from the grill, pierogis (instead of potatoes), and a simple salad of lettuce and cucumber. Then Tuesday’s was breakfast was from my friends at the local Bagel place (hungry man on a roll). For lunch, I made Jennifer Chicken Salad and had an Italian hero myself. Last night was icky. I picked up dinner from a diner. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken that was delicious but the burger was bad. It had a sour taste that both Jennifer and I noticed right away. It was as if the meat had gone bad but let’s hope that’s not the case or I will be sick as  dog today. We both only had one bite and threw it away. I should have just cooked myself.

After our hamburger debacle, we were still hungry. I needed gas in my car and a lottery ticket for the big $570 million dollar jackpot. They never really give you all that much unless you want to wait twenty years to collect it all, and who does that? You get about half in the end, then taxes, blah blah blah, it is still a lot of dough. Anyhow, while I was out I thought I would make some chocolate chip cookies (speaking of dough). Too lazy to make them from scratch I purchased a big tube of Nestles Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough. I brought it home and added some pecans to the dough in a bowl. Then baked um. “Yum-O” as Rachel Ray would say. I had a big icy cold glass of milk with them and whet to bed. I’m bring the rest into work for my fellow office staff this morning.

So that is it and you are all caught up. OH today for lunch….Jambalaya …..first time in the Insta-pot! Wish me luck!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

If I win the lottery maybe I will open cooking school with a restaurant here on Long Island. If they give me a nice tax break or I could always go to Boston too. Maybe both?!

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