My Return from Boston

Some of you may be wondering where I have been for the past 4 days. Well, I took a trip up to Boston (from Long Island). I love this city and now is one of the best times of year to go. However, I didn’t know the Boston Marathon was going to be going on. It turned out to be okay as it was only one day and it didn’t get in our way at all of having fun.

I will not bore you with all the details of the trip but I have to say I did have some pretty good food while I was there. The first location was a breakfast place we stopped at on our way to Salem. Salem is so cool in October. I will have to go back again but when it is a little less crowded. Before we got to Salem we stopped at a place called North Avenue Diner in Wakefield Massachusetts. There I asked our waitress what she recommended I eat. She said that the eggs benedict is her favorite. It just also happened to be the weekend special and since it was Saturday, it was perfect timing. It was like Karma.

The coffee came out first. This too was gooood so I asked what brand it was. As it turned out it was called, Boston coffee, who knew. I should have gotten some to bring home. Then, out came the eggs benedict and the eggs were pouched perfectly. This was so good. I could tell the chef was proud of his hollandaise sauce as he told me how he makes it from scratch. The diner has several different varieties of eggs benedict but I went with the traditional Canadian bacon. Sam had the corned beef hash and he loved every bite of it. Whereas Jennifer, just had eggs over medium with bacon and toast. It was all so very good and I would so like to go back there come December maybe.

The next restaurant stop was a chain that I had never been too before, this was a place called Restaurant 99. We ordered the typical chain type food. Not as exciting as being at the diner but it would do. I had sirloin steak tips and chicken. It was okay and Jennifer had French onion soup. Also good. Sam enjoyed his meal as well but for the life of me I can’t remember what he had. The service was good and the place was nice looking and clean. I like a nice clean restaurant. This restaurant was a nice surprise from the usual chain restaurant experiences that often make me feel ill after leaving.

Now I’m back in New York (hence the fire above last night) and I’m headed back to work today. We took the Port Jefferson ferry back and forth, which was great! I highly recommend it. Do not forget to try the coffee while you’re on board.  

Last night, after dinner, I made Jennifer and myself, two personal apple crisps (pictured below).  I will post this recipe as soon as I can. Tonight, I will be cooking something. I just do not know what yet.

After three days is Boston, Jennifer is in some major back pain. Its been the long car ride and walking around that has done her in. Not to mention, it has been a few weeks since she had any pain injections in her lower back.  She had a doctor appointment scheduled yesterday we came back too and another one scheduled for Thursday. She will be getting five more shots along her spine to ease the pain then. At least it helps her get some sleep for a couple of weeks. I am hoping for a long lasting solution to come fourth soon.  

Enjoy your day and enjoy your own lunch and keep an eye out for my apple crisp recipe!

The Drunken Chef (Russ) 

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