Only 174 More Days

While most people are counting the days until Christmas, I will be counting the days until April 30th. This will be the one-year anniversary of when I have started my cookbook-writing project here. I have posted 123 recipes so far but I still have 168 recipes to prepare, take pictures of and write about.

You see not only am I posting my recipes but also I am posting them as I cook them throughout the year. This way, I know it is a complete cookbook from all the entries from the past year. At least the ones that were worth of cooking. The hard part is that some of my recipes I cook more often than others. Like last night for example, I made the short rib recipe again as well as shrimp cocktail. This time the ribs were severed with a baked potato. It was all good but I have posted all those recipes earlier in this blog. I mean who cooks anything just once a year, except maybe a stuffed turkey (the traditional American Thanksgiving meal).

Having worked out in the yard all day yesterday, I was also way too tired to even make anything dessert. So, I had a half of a Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie they call Sausalito. Plus, an ice cold glass of milk. The milk I purchased at a place called Stew Leonard’s. There is only one of these huge supermarkets by me but I love this place. I also purchased the short ribs there because they were on sale this week. I really went in there for the lobster tails that were on sale but they were way too tiny at only 4 ounces to even bother cooking. Plus I don’t think that when they are that small they are very good tasting. I need a lobster tail that is at least 10 ounces for it to taste any good and it be worth going through the trouble of making for dinner. I have not made my favorite 16 once tail in so long just because the price of them is so prohibitively preventative.

What will be on tonight’s menu that I can write about? I didn’t even know yet but if you’re interested come back here and read all about it on Monday. I will need to post more than one recipe a day between now and the end of April if I plan to stay on track.

Friends of our due to come back from Florida soon and we will all need to all get together over dinner and drinks so I can hear all about their delightful culinary experiences. Unfortunately, the way Jennifer has been feeling we could not go with them; It may still be a long time before she can get on a plane or take a long trip anywhere at least until she is out of the excruciating back pain she is still in.

Today will be a day for more grocery shopping and chores around the house. The batteries in the smoke detectors need to be changed as we rolled the clocks back an hour. Hopefully, I can squeeze enough time for a bit of cooking. More importantly, I hope its new recipe. Well that’s all I have for now until I cook something. Like breakfast or maybe even lunch. You can also follow me on Instagram @drunckenchef82.

The Druncken Chef (Russ)

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