How to cook “american Style”

Cheese burger with homemade cold slaw

Since America is a melting pot like cheese fondue we cook everything from around the globe in our kitchens. So if you learn the fundamentals or cooking basics in theory you should be able to cook anything.

Here is the best place on this site to find out “HOW TO COOK” the recipes that are going to be added through the upcoming year. As I write my new cookbook you will find the new posts as pages here on how to cook everything I make from breakfast to dinner. I will even include Appetizers for a party to desserts.

Each article below maybe from a different section of the cookbook as it probably wouldn’t be practical for me to cook breakfast for dinner or make beef seven nights in a row. As I go through the entire year cooking I will place up all the recipes for the things I cook in the recipe section but here I will explain in detail how to prepare as many of the recipes I can while writing the new “How too cook” book. It would be better still to have video links but alas I can NOT spend my entire day in the kitchen or on this. I do have a real job and plenty of “chores” around the old homestead to keep me busy. THIS (cooking) is my hobby and my passion. I am here to share the fun of cooking, eating and drinking!


Good morning. The whole giving up coffee thing didn’t last long. I’m weak. I gave in to the need to be awake in the morning after not sleeping all night. Enough about my addictions for the time being. Let’s move back to talking about my culinary experiences. To cook we need GADGETS. I have discovered … Continue reading THE GADGET LIST UPDATE # 2.0


It was a cool wet late spring day yesterday, perfect for cooking indoors. Sam was requesting Chicken Parmesan for dinner. He always requests Chicken Cutlet Parmesan. He either asks for that or Tex-Mex (chicken enchiladas). Chicken Parmesan is also one of Jennifer’s favorite meals. I have to admit, I like Chicken Parmesan too.             When … Continue reading Lesson 12: SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS


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