Thursday. July 1st. Have to go into work early so you have me for a quick article until the coffee is done. Let’s see how fast I can type today.

Last night, I was at a loss what to make. Sam said: “Dad, we have to start planning meals in advance. You have a blog to write and you need to cook new things.” Then, he suggested Swedish meatballs. We found them in the freezer under a bag of curly fries.

I ran to the store to get Heinz Anjou gravy and wide noodles. I also picked up a bag of small baby potatoes. When I returned from said store, Sam had the potatoes in the pan and was frying them up. He added the gravy next and brought that to a simmer. In another pot, he was making Lingonberry sauce. What’s in it I don’t know. Perhaps, he can give you that recipe in his next blog.

I put on a big pot of salted water to boil for the noodles, then started on the potatoes. I washed and put the potatoes in a Pyrex bowl with just a bit of water. I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and poked a small hole in it with the tip of a knife. I microwaved those suckers for 6 minutes. I let them stand for four minutes as I melted two tablespoons butter in a pan and added two tablespoons of olive oil. As soon as the butter was melted, I added the potatoes. Then, I seasoned them with salt, white pepper, a pinch of garlic powder, and larger pinch of onion powder. I sautéed them on low waiting for the water to boil. I tossed the potatoes into the now hot pan. Then every now and again as they began to brown just slightly with little brown spots, I gave them a toss in the butter oil and herbs to coat them evenly. In the meantime, I added the noodles to the boiling water. I kept repeating the tossing of the potatoes until the noodles were cooked. Then, I turned off the potatoes and drained the noodles.

I served everything piping hot like the picture below.

Okay, the coffee is done time to run. see you tomorrow.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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