Welcome to Friday. I cooked last night. Feeling guilty about having been cooking the same thing over and over, I went with something new. I made Chicken Cordon Bleu. Is it American? Probably not, but I bet it’s popular in America to eat, unlike Escargot. So, I am including it in the list of recipes I’m posting here. Included on the plate above is Couscous, also not very American but yummy, and Asparagus. The pickled beets I did not pickle myself. Although, I may have been pickled myself with beer while cooking all this.

I started with the chicken dish since it would take the longest to cook.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with extra sauce

Next, I started the chicken broth for the Couscous. I always cook my couscous in chicken broth unless it is served with pan seared Sea Scallops. Then, I have an extra trick up my sleeve that Sam will be showing you soon, I hope.

Couscous in chicken broth

Now to work on the Asparagus. Spring is the best time to buy Asparagus here on the east coast because that’s when it is in season locally. Today, you can buy MOST fruits and vegetables year round. That wasn’t always the case. Even when I was a child, many things like watermelon were only available during the season they grew in locally. Even then, there wasn’t ANYTHING called seedless watermelon available. Now, you can buy almost anything, including some very exotic fruits and vegetables grown in other countries all year round.

I added the pickled beets for color and because it has been ages since I’ve had them. My favorites pickled beets come from Lancaster, PA. These were surprisingly very good and from my local supermarket. Chill them before you eat them.

You can look for all my recipes for this meal by just clicking on the links above. Have fun cooking and Bon Appetit. P.S., this dish is NOT French…just sayin.

Until we meet again in my kitchen, Be well, Be healthy, and Be happy!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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