Welcome to Monday. I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. Mine was good with the exception of having to work on a Saturday. It made the weekend go by even faster then usual. I also did NO cooking. Nope. None.  

I purchased an Italian hero Saturday night for dinner. Sam had company over and they ate dinner together. Jennifer is still not feeling well and had a few bites of my huge-a-mongo sandwich.  Between the two of us we still could not eat the whole thing.

Sam friend Ally is a lovely woman who went to culinary school before attending the same college as Sam now, so I imagine she is into food as much as I am. I could have probably talked her ear off but she was here to hang out with Sam and truth be told, probably didn’t want me talking to her about food all night. She would not be here long, so I left them pretty much alone to watch TV, talk and play some video game.

Sunday was so busy! First, I attended a BSA Scout Court of Honor. I will not bore you with all the details only to that it included Sam’s Eagle Scout ceremony. Congratulations Sam!! I am very happy and proud of you!! We had to rush out of there in the very end and attend a graduation party for our friend’s two sons. They are more like nephews to me and like Jennifer’s own sons as they were all very close when the boys were growing up. Now they are both off to college and we will miss them terribly.

I drank beer at the graduation party on an empty stomach. Then came home to eat the rest of my big sandwich with potato chips. Sam drove. Jen was feeling so badly she only ate some cheese and grapes for dinner. Sam went out to a local restaurant with his friend Ally and had Mexican food. It sounded like it was really good too. I have been there before and will have to eat there soon again and do a review in the very near future.

I feel like I am getting behind on the cookbook and recipes and will have to do some major cooking soon. The summer is winding down and work is winding up so I will run now and leave for work. Have a pleasant day! I have to get more recipes to you soon and I will!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)  

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