Yesterday was yet another busy day but at lease I made somthing to eat. Two things actually. The first was an Antipasto Salad. Everyone commented on how large it was for a salad and true technically this is supposed an appetizer. However this was our meal. I usually just eat this and skip the pizza that I purchased to go with it. I also usually have this with beer as it goes very well with it but again alas I skipped the beer.

I did say I made two things and yes I did. Jennifer wanted macaroni and cheese. Not just any mac and cheese either. Not home made mac and cheese but instead she asked for Kraft mac and cheese. She didn’t even want the “deluxe Mac and Cheese” but she insisted it be the orange powder stuff in the blue box!

Sam had company over as I prepared Jennifer’s dinner by boiling a pot of water as they all watched. Sam was making them Nachos while I was making the mac and cheese. I apologized and told them that Jennifer was not feeling well had had the taste of a 5 year-old. They look at me and laughed as they all said WHY? That stuff is delicious. Nothing else tastes like it.

I too had to laugh then. I did not grow up eating this but have learn to enjoy it. I still have to add some “Real” cheddar cheese and a bit of extra milk to get it down. I grew up rarely eating mac and cheese. I forget even now what the main course was when my mother served us the frozen Stouffer’s brand mac and cheese. Back then you had to heat it up in an oven and it took FOREVER. When the our first microwave was finally purchased and I learned how you could heat it up in minutes. I was in my twenty’s by then. Yes, after that, it was what I had for dinner often at 2am. Ahh the college age years. Sometimes I missed them. Well I miss the fact I could eat anything back then and not gain weight or have heartburn all night.

So I envied Sam and his friends who sat and ate there big plate of loaded nachos and watched somthing entertaining on Netflix with iced tea and sodas as I went upstairs to bed carrying two bowls of orange powder mac and cheese that was miraculously transformed into something delicious and comforting for Jennifer to eat and watched bad TV show about 90 day Fiancés . Such is the life of a chef I suppose.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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