Happy Friday! Last night for dinner was pan seared steak.

These are two fresh, not frozen, New York Strip steaks. Each one is two inches thick. As you can see it barley fits in my largest pan with out over crowding.

I began by seasoning one side of the steak with salt from a McCormick salt grinder then some freshly ground black pepper. Next, I sprinkled on a good amount of onion power and then a good amount of garlic powder. I let sit as I heated up the pan with olive oil on medium low.

When the pan was good and hot maybe five minutes later or so the olive oil just began shimmer. I carefully placed the steaks in the pan seasoning side down and so they were not touching. I then proceeded to season the other side (now facing up) the same way. Salt first, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.

As the steak would now be sizzling in the hot pan on medium low for ten minutes I opened a beer. Carefully watching but not touching or moving the meat. THIS is where and when that beautiful crust is made. I drank my beer and waited patiently.

I turned the meat over and as you can see above there is that wonderful brownness on the steak. My patience was rewarded. Now I let the other side cook the same way.

In the meantime I added tater tots to the air fryer and made a simple salad of Romaine lettuce and diced cucumber. Jennifer wanted a vegetable and this was going to be it.

After ten more minutes I needed a second beer and I also had to flip the steak again. This time I turned the heat to low. I pressed the center of the steak lightly with my finger and it gave way easily. This meant it was still rare. Jennifer hates raw meat so I set the timer for five more minutes and cooked the steak on low as I sipped my beer.

After five minutes of beer drinking I flipped the steak once again and gave the tater tots a shake in the air fryer so they didn’t all stick together. This would be the last turn or flip of the steak. I posted a picture of the meat cooking on INSTAGAM and answered a few text messages. Another five minutes were soon up and my second beer was half empty.

I have been cooking this steak now for what seemed like it was forever (it was 30 minutes so far) I poked at it again. Perfect push back meant the steak was now medium rare. It was time to let the steak rest on the cutting board before slicing it. As you saw at the very top of the page it was cooked nicely and stayed juicy having let it rest for just five minutes off the heat before slicing and serving.

I served it and the salad with blue cheese dressing. The air fried potato tots were separate and on the side (not shown).

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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