OMG is it only Wednesday? Uggg! This week is drag assin. Well at least I ate good yesterday. A coworker prepared some kickass Oysters Rockefeller. He put them together and I cooked them on the grill. Now normally I would not do this but it was a barbeque so I figured I would try it. It went amazingly. They were delicious. He started by making a sauce of butter, onions, spinach, parmesan cheese and lemon juice. Once the oysters were shucked he put this sauce on top. I “baked” them in a 500 degree barbeque for ten minutes. They were done perfection! He who does not like fish LOVES them. As a matter of fact, he who does not like fish, MADE them! So try um. I will be typing up a real recipe for you to put in the oven ASAP!

Busy day today so I have to run and get to work. Enjoy your food, family and friends!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)


  1. I see My Drunken Chef must have typed up his blog after pairing himself with a bottle of vino. It’s Oysters not Oysers, lol.


    1. Thank you. I have corrected my typo. See this is why I have an editor but also she is transitioning back to her college dorm and need to get settled in before I can pester her again….


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