Day 6 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

We have hit day 6! Today we add 1-cup of milk, that I have sitting on the counter coming up to room temperature. 1-cup of flour and 1-cup of granulated sugar to the bag-o-batter. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and mix it up. Ba-bam day six is done!

As promised I did make chicken last night. I went to my favorite butcher (Mathew’s) yesterday. I grabbed a bag of their leanest boneless chicken breasts (10lbs). Once back in my kitchen (after mowing lawn) I cut two of these huge cutlets into six fairly thin cutlets. I then proceeded to coat them in mixture of flour, spices and breadcrumbs (mostly flour) before frying them in vegetable oil and 4 tablespoons of butter. No one said I was on a diet here. Remember everything in moderation. After they were all a nice golden brown. I made chicken gravy in the same pan I fried the chicken. You can find the recipe here: Chicken Gravy.

Once the gravy was ready, (I double the recipe by the way) then I added the six fried chicken cutlets to the pan and turned it on low. I covered it and let cook. Then I checked on my rice. Oh, I forgot, I started cooking by making Brown Basmati Rice.

Rice cooking, check. Chicken cooking, check. When there was fifteen minutes left or so left for the rice cook, I started the Baby Zucchini.

I have found only one place that carries these fresh baby zucchini and that place is Trader Joes. I like his stuff. When I can’t get over Mathews I use his chicken. He also has some really good frozen stuff in the way of snacks too. The website does not have half the stuff they carry but you can get an idea.

So that’s three recipes today. I wonder what the hell I will make tonight. Probably more chicken. Have I made chicken teriyaki yet? Hmm I will have to get some baby corn at the store today….

Have a good weekend.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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