Chicken Teriyaki     

Serves 2


Large Pan


2 chicken breasts (cubbed)

1-small head broccoli (steamed)

½ zucchini

½ can baby corn

1 small baby bok choy

½ stalk celery

1-small onion (cut into quarters)

Small carrot (sliced) (steamed)


¾ cup Teriyaki Sauce

1-tablespoon cornstarch

1 tsp. Soy sauce

1 tsp sugar (optional)

¼ tsp ginger


Heat oil in a large wok or skillet. Add the chicken. Add a splash of teriyaki to cook the chicken in. Cook on medium high until no longer pink. While the chicken is cooking steam your broccoli and carrots if you adding them (I am not a carrot fan when they are cooked like this so I left them out).

Once the chicken is almost done add the raw vegetables and stir. Keep the steamed ones to the side. I left out the onion because Jennifer does not like onion cook like this.

Now I guess you could call this a stir-fry so cook on high and stir.

While vegetables cook, make the sauce by combining the ingredients and whisking.

Now add your steamed vegetables (broccoli and carrots)

Pour sauce over top and cook until it thinkers.

Serve over rice, cuscus or quinoa.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

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