Day 7 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Welcome back! Today is day 7 of the friendship adventure. Many of you, for some reason, missed reading day 6.  Maybe I just made too many posts yesterday. Anyhow, if you missed it you should go back and find out why my bag is so big now. Today is an easy day, as far as the friendship bread goes. Today we just Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze the bag. Looking good! I’m getting excited for day ten and baking it. I’m sure everyone at my office will be looking to try a piece of this pound cake like substance with their coffee. Is it a pound cake? Is it a cake? Is it a very sweet sour dough bread? You be the judge. I hope many of you are joining me this fall in making FRIENDSHIP BREAD for all your family and friends!

Last night I made dinner. I promised chicken to you guys and Jennifer so chicken was made. It was nothing very exciting as you can see below but I will put up the recipe as it is newly cooked this year and that is the whole point of the project/hobby/insanity. To write a cookbook.

The baking section is coming. I’m working on writing the into to the baking chapter now. I will have it posted for you as soon as I can! In the meantime, enjoy CHICKEN TERIYAKI (from the chicken chapter).  

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