Day 8 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Good morning and welcome to day 8! It’s Sunday, it’s early and it’s dark. I’m always up this early (6:00 am) but now that it’s dark out, it feels even earlier. So I have been busy already this morning. Coffee is on the stove perking away. Laundry is in the dryer, drying and I flipped over my skirt steak that has been marinating since yesterday.

To catch those of you up who do not follow me on INSTAGRAM I made my meat marinate II for beef again. I am hoping my friends can join me today for dinner. The weather is cooperating so will be making skirt steak on the grill. Tonight I will add the sea scallop appetizer served on a beet cuscus along with a salad for the white wine course.

Yesterday I also tested my camera set up so if I’m brave enough on day ten I will bake my friendship bread live on INSTAGRAM. I just need to do one more test before then. I also made Chicken Teriyaki last night on the grill and served it with mac and cheese (from a box!) and asparagus. Jennifer loves this boxed shit (shudder), so I do it for her.  That’s LOVE!

Well that all for now. Big day ahead. Lots of cooking to do!

Have a great day and may all your food taste good!

The drunken Chef (Russ) PS – Still looking for a camera crew and film editor for my YouTube Chanel if anyone is interested.

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