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Day 9 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Good morning and welcome to day 9! Happy Monday! Tomorrow is the big day and the goo is good. I may even go live and do a free baking class or at least a demo. I may need more practice to be able to teach on camera. It won’t be my first teaching gig. I did teach Microsoft Word for an adult education class but that was 20 years ago. I might be little rusty.

I am going to post the recipe today here:  FRIENDSHIP BREAD

If you want to go check it out.

I did have an awesome night Sunday with friends. I finally made the skirt steak for them as well as the scallops on beet cuscus. I started with a spinach salad with tempura shrimp and candied pecans. The dressing was a balsamic vinaigrette served on the side.  Those recipes will have to wait for tomorrow so I have something post on day 142 of this cookbook project. You all haven’t forgotten I’m still writing a cookbook here right?

Well that is all for today. I have to go to my REAL job now.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

PS – I am still looking for a camera crew and film editor for my YouTube Chanel if anyone is interested, unless I crash and burn tomorrow live.

Day 8 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Good morning and welcome to day 8! It’s Sunday, it’s early and it’s dark. I’m always up this early (6:00 am) but now that it’s dark out, it feels even earlier. So I have been busy already this morning. Coffee is on the stove perking away. Laundry is in the dryer, drying and I flipped over my skirt steak that has been marinating since yesterday.

To catch those of you up who do not follow me on INSTAGRAM I made my meat marinate II for beef again. I am hoping my friends can join me today for dinner. The weather is cooperating so will be making skirt steak on the grill. Tonight I will add the sea scallop appetizer served on a beet cuscus along with a salad for the white wine course.

Yesterday I also tested my camera set up so if I’m brave enough on day ten I will bake my friendship bread live on INSTAGRAM. I just need to do one more test before then. I also made Chicken Teriyaki last night on the grill and served it with mac and cheese (from a box!) and asparagus. Jennifer loves this boxed shit (shudder), so I do it for her.  That’s LOVE!

Well that all for now. Big day ahead. Lots of cooking to do!

Have a great day and may all your food taste good!

The drunken Chef (Russ) PS – Still looking for a camera crew and film editor for my YouTube Chanel if anyone is interested.

Day 7 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Welcome back! Today is day 7 of the friendship adventure. Many of you, for some reason, missed reading day 6.  Maybe I just made too many posts yesterday. Anyhow, if you missed it you should go back and find out why my bag is so big now. Today is an easy day, as far as the friendship bread goes. Today we just Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze the bag. Looking good! I’m getting excited for day ten and baking it. I’m sure everyone at my office will be looking to try a piece of this pound cake like substance with their coffee. Is it a pound cake? Is it a cake? Is it a very sweet sour dough bread? You be the judge. I hope many of you are joining me this fall in making FRIENDSHIP BREAD for all your family and friends!

Last night I made dinner. I promised chicken to you guys and Jennifer so chicken was made. It was nothing very exciting as you can see below but I will put up the recipe as it is newly cooked this year and that is the whole point of the project/hobby/insanity. To write a cookbook.

The baking section is coming. I’m working on writing the into to the baking chapter now. I will have it posted for you as soon as I can! In the meantime, enjoy CHICKEN TERIYAKI (from the chicken chapter).  

Day 6 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

We have hit day 6! Today we add 1-cup of milk, that I have sitting on the counter coming up to room temperature. 1-cup of flour and 1-cup of granulated sugar to the bag-o-batter. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and mix it up. Ba-bam day six is done!

As promised I did make chicken last night. I went to my favorite butcher (Mathew’s) yesterday. I grabbed a bag of their leanest boneless chicken breasts (10lbs). Once back in my kitchen (after mowing lawn) I cut two of these huge cutlets into six fairly thin cutlets. I then proceeded to coat them in mixture of flour, spices and breadcrumbs (mostly flour) before frying them in vegetable oil and 4 tablespoons of butter. No one said I was on a diet here. Remember everything in moderation. After they were all a nice golden brown. I made chicken gravy in the same pan I fried the chicken. You can find the recipe here: Chicken Gravy.

Once the gravy was ready, (I double the recipe by the way) then I added the six fried chicken cutlets to the pan and turned it on low. I covered it and let cook. Then I checked on my rice. Oh, I forgot, I started cooking by making Brown Basmati Rice.

Rice cooking, check. Chicken cooking, check. When there was fifteen minutes left or so left for the rice cook, I started the Baby Zucchini.

I have found only one place that carries these fresh baby zucchini and that place is Trader Joes. I like his stuff. When I can’t get over Mathews I use his chicken. He also has some really good frozen stuff in the way of snacks too. The website does not have half the stuff they carry but you can get an idea.

So that’s three recipes today. I wonder what the hell I will make tonight. Probably more chicken. Have I made chicken teriyaki yet? Hmm I will have to get some baby corn at the store today….

Have a good weekend.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

Day 5 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Welcome to day 5. I made the coffee and gave my goo a squeeze. Now to anyone who has not read this magazine article/blog before that might sound a bit odd but the rest of you following along know that my goo is the friendship bread starter that has been percolating for five days now, along with my coffee. It’s doing well so far as it sits on my counter. It is still just 1-cup of flour, 1-cup of milk and 1-cup of sugar that I added some yeast too. It all started 5 days ago here with this recipe:

Friendship Bread Starter.

Last night was not all that exciting either, unless you like the homemade hamburgers that I have cooked many times before. I did not make anything new so I am slowly falling behind in writing about 291 recipes. I goal I set out to complete in a year but fear not good readers. I see a great many fall recipes on the horizon! Mourn not for yesterday because it has passed nor yearn for tomorrow and all its possibilities but live in the moment that is now and enjoy it. All that just means my coffee is ready!

Today we are on the cusp between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It is still barbeque weather and beautiful barbeque weather it is as the temperatures drop to the perfect mid-seventies.   Now is the best time to get my fire pit going but first I have to split some wood. Splitting all the wood in the great big woodpile in my back yard has been a project I have been working on for two years. The pile of wood is from when I had the last thirty feet of my yard cleared out of brush and trees. Leaving only one tree behind. I mistake I now regret as there is a pool there that I did not count on and every day the leaves fall in it. Anyhow, I have to get rid of this wood pile before it starts attracting termites. I have to split it by hand because I do not own a gas powdered log splitter. I could use the exercise too I suppose but that is completely off the topic of food. It does seem like Jennifer and I have been eating nothing but beef and pasta for the past two weeks so today I am in the mood for either chicken or fish. Jennifer is not a big fish eater so that leaves chicken. The question then will be what chicken dish have I not made that Jennifer will eat. People say there are so few surprises in life. To that I say – Ha!

On a side note. I am off from work today and it is going to rain. Therefore, I will have to find something indoors to keep myself busy. Like returning bottles and cans the recycling machines. I am living the dream people! Housework, yard work and bottle returns. It’s a good thing I didn’t dream big about being a celebrity chef or famous author or I would be sorely disappointed. I am just happy cooking for my family, friends and coworkers. Besides, I do not have the good looks of Chef Boyardee or the writing skills of Dr. Seuss or Charles Schulz so here I am in suburbia writing a blog and making Friendship Bread.  Take that Warren Buffet!

Until tomorrow, may your Thursday be pleasant, your food be delicious and your beer be awe-inspiring!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

Day 4 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

Welcome to day 4. My morning routine now consists of me squeezing my friendship starter bag and its doing nicely. The starter is all foamy and smells yeasty. Is that a good thing? Perhaps.

Last night I made baked manicotti for dinner. It’s not what you think. I didn’t make it from scratch. I got home late so I stopped at Pats market in East Islip on the way home. They have lots of good premade stuff. I grabbed a thing of her marinara sauce for $6.00. pfft. When you have a case of lazy ass, you might not care about the price of stuff. I knew I was making the manicotti as it was in my freezer at home already but then I saw Pat’s meatballs and thought that would be a nice addition.  I looked at the price and choked. It was $9.00 for six meatballs. SIX! That is $1.50 a ball! F@$k that I thought! But, if I ever need money I know I could sell bigger and better meatballs for $1.50 off a food truck somewhere! That’s right, she has some ball I thought, but mine are bigger!

Anyway, needless to say, I didn’t get them. I picked up some mozzarella cheese as I was currently out. After what I said in a previous post about only getting the Polly-O brand I didn’t follow my own advice. I was probably still dazed by the price of a cold meatball for a buck and a half. Holy shit the American dollar isn’t worth much in terms of meatballs people! Make your own and become rich!

The mozzarella I got was from the brand, Kraft. It is not terrible but I like what I like and what I like is Polly-O.

I also made garlic bread because I had half a loaf of Italian bread frozen from last time. Lastly, I made fresh spinach to go with it. I think spinach goes well with the ricotta cheese in the manicotti. After all, I do use chopped spinach in my vegetable lasagna.

Long story short, there is nothing to making frozen anything. Just heat it up either in the microwave or oven. So of course, I used both. I began by placing the manicotti in a Pyrex baking dish and adding the $6.00 dollar sauce on top. ($6 + $9 = $15) $15 for sauce and six meatballs, without pasta! I might have to start charging more at work for lunch when I make it…LOL. Back to dinner. I covered the manicotti with the sauce and heated it up in the microwave for ten minutes. Then I covered it with the mozzarella cheese and baked it for another 20 minutes.  I like my food HOT.

While the Manicotti was cooking, I made Sautéed Spinach. Click here for the recipe for: the Fresh Sautéed Spinach recipe.

So much to cook, so little time.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

If you knew to this whole Friendship bread thing. You can follow me and this whole process on INSTAGRAM here:

Day 2 – The Friendship Bread Adventure

It is day two of the friendship bread adventure. As you see by one of the pictures above, the starter is doing nicely. I had some issues at first. My directions say to proof the yeast for ten minutes until it because bubbly. Well ten minutes came and went and there was no bubbles. Sooo I added a pinch of sugar to the batter/mix and waited another ten minutes. Still nothing. Now I was thinking did I get bad yeast? I checked the date on the package. It said it was good until 2022. What was I to do? Should I throw it out and start over? Nope, I decided to heat some water in the microwave in a second bowl. I put the yeast bowl on top of the hot water bowl so it acted like a double boiler. I kept checking the temp of the yeast. It started at 87 degrees and then started rising. As the temperature rose those little yeast bastards finally got to work and were making Co2. Soon after the temperature hit 97 degrees Fahrenheit, I had frothy yeast at last. We are talking 30 minutes here, not ten, just so you know.  I started following the recipe again. I mixed the flour and sugar together and then added my room temperature milk. I mixed it well and added all my yeast and water (with a pinch of sugar). I a finale mix so it was well blended. Then covered it with plastic wrap and poked a hole to let out Co2.

I checked on the starter an hour later and it was slowly bubbling. Nice. I decide now was a god time to make dinner. The day before I marinated some skirt steaks (posted on INSTAGRAM). I purchased them at Mathew’s Meat Market. Go there people, it is worth it. You will NOT be disappointed! Maybe I should not tell everyone. It seems when I do tell people about a good place a few months later I am waiting in line. Well, I want them to stay in business so…go.

Back to the marinade, I almost forgot. While I was there I, purchased other things besides the skirt steaks. I bought sea scallops that is was intending to make with a beet cuscus when I though company was coming over. Unfortunately, they could not make it, so the sea scallops will get put on the back burner to use a cooking metaphor.

On with the steak. I took out some of that skirt steak from the refrigerator to let it come up to room temperature while I prepared the potatoes. I was determined to get little white potatoes on the grill damit. So ounce again I steamed the potatoes in the microwave. OH YES! This time I purchase propane from that beer distributor I told you about, the Brightwaters Beverage Center. I also got beer. SURPRISE!

I had gone shopping at Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace on Deer Park Avenue too. There I picked up some string beans as a vegetable along with radishes and fresh figs for Jennifer. The figs were not for dinner.

I trimmed the string beans and put them in a pot to steam while I put the potatoes and meat on the grill. 

I served the potatoes and skirt steak with the string beans, garden tomatoes (purchased at Mathews) and radishes. We need to make radish rosettes tonight.

Click the links for the following recipes:

Steak Marinade II: inspired by my friends Rose and Bill

Steamed string beans

Grilled Potatoes

Skirt Steak

I will be making the sea scallops on a bed of beet cuscus soon I hope. Along with the deserts I had planned, an apple tart with vanilla ice cream.

So much to cook so little time.

The Drunken Chef (Russ)

Welcome Back to School

Yesterday was the first day many students went back to school. For some, it was their very first day. I can still feel a bit of anxiety in the air as school busses begin to line the streets and parents walk their youngest ones to school. As I look back over my short lifetime, it seems as if not much has changed.  The same fears, anxieties and excitement over the first big day all still exist. Yet so much has changed in terms of technology and new science. These anxieties are just one of the reasons many we attend school. School helps us learn how to concur them and feel more confided as we travel though life.

School seems pretty much the same as when my older brothers and sister went to their first day of school. They did not have to deal with corvid but they did have to worry about Polio or the aton bomb. My mother could not do anything about world politics but she did worry about her children getting polio. That, just like corvid today was a real concern. My sister remembers attending in line at school to get that sugar cube vaccine. Life’s adventures will always be the same but different somehow. Instead of paperback books and the comic’s page as a book cover for our science book. We have tablets with rubber tablet covers. There is still homework but now, it’s done on Google docs or some other on-line platform. Does that mean there are no more pens, pencils or even a pencil sharpener in class rooms?

Yes, technology has transform learning or the way we learn. Just as television might have done with shows like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street or my favorite The Electric Company (if I ever meet Morgan Freeman I will thank him for doing that show). That was all in the sixties (shiver).

I do not want to travel back in time. Things were no better then they are now. It is just different is all. We work. We learn. We try to get along with our neighbors and make new friends and it is a good day we all have dinner together with those family members and friends we love.

Sitting around the table eating, laughing and having fun with at the end of the day makes life worth living. In the end, not much has changed. Just how we do it. Maybe we even have more time to watch TV, but who am I kidding. We are still just as busy as we were in the fifties or sixties. So enjoy school while you’re in it. Enjoy life when you get out. Enjoy the fall and don’t rush through the seasons or life. Stop and smell….the fall flowers or the apple pie and have lots of snacks ready when the kids get home! Shhh my favorite elementary school snack was Drakes Devil Dogs!

The Drunken (blabbering) Chef (Russ)


Grocery shopping in the 21st century has not evolved into anything less time consuming since the Supermarket was first invented by Michael J. Cullen in 1930 in Jamaica Queens, New York. I started working for King Kullen supermarkets as a teenager and continued through my twenties. I watched as these family-owned stores grew in the eighties into mega-markets. This is the same time when big hair, big clothes, and big cars were the all the rage, as was the way the supermarkets were going. They now were turning into these huge mega-stores that included bakeries, seafood departments, floral shops along with the usual deli and meat departments all under one roof.

It’s true what they say: “bigger isn’t always better”. Parachute pants AKA “Hammer pants” are a fine example of this. King Kullen did add a bakery department inside their stores in the nineteen-eighties but it could not replace the wonderful Italian Bakery around the corner from my childhood home. The bakery was called Everbest bakery. If I remember their slogan correctly, it was “everything tastes better with butter” or was it “everything is baked with butter” or something like that. All I know is it was good and there were all kinds of the best tasting baked goods. These bakeries, even here in New York, are hard to find now but I seek them out for their excellent selection of fresh baked goods.

Supermarket bakeries are okay. However, they are not outstanding. After a short time, everything starts to tastes the same. The bread and rolls are not the same quality as the old-fashioned hard roll I ate when I was a child. The Italian bread in a supermarket bakery tastes exactly the same as its rolls. Don’t get me wrong, I still purchase these items for what they are and I have a use for them but to me there is nothing that can compare to walking into a family-owned bakery and taking a deep breath. Buying top quality food was always a top priority for my mother. Places like A & G bakery in Deer Park or Dolci Momenti Bakery in Patchogue reminds me of a simpler time when you weren’t overwhelmed by the enormity of a huge building but instead you can focus on your senses and that fine aroma of cinnamon buns fresh from the oven. To me it is one of those aromas of childhood. Like the smell of pine on Christmas morning coming from the tree. Now, due to allergies and other various reasons I own an artificial Christmas tree and burn a pine scented candle for effect. It’s just not the same. Once again I digress.

The Supermarket has always had its meat department. Now here in the 21st century the family-owned meat markets/butcher are all gone too. My mother shopped at a place called Spot Light. I went with her occasionally when school was out. The cashier was the butcher’s wife and she would give me a penny from the register to get a gumball. Holy shit! Who does THAT anymore? Can you imagine the cashier at Kroger’s giving some kid a buck for a pack of gum out of her cash register? For one, the mother would have a cow and scream: “Don’t give my kid that sugary treat you bitch”! Then it would be a whole big thing…I digress yet again. Today, I still go to a butcher. This new place I found has that old time wonderful smell I remember as a child. It’s just missing the saw dust on the floor. This butcher shop is mainly a restaurant supply wholesaler, but they allow local customers to come in a buy there meat. The place is called Mathews and it even has my favorite number 10 size can (32 ounces) of Italian plum tomatoes for Spaghetti Sauce.  This shop does have some great beef and chicken, but it has a lot more. Frozen seafood and some Greek gyro meat. Not to mention fresh eggs and other restaurant quality items.  Best of all is friendly service. They treat everyone just like you are one of the family!

It is still important today to purchase only good quality food items for your family and yourself. Shopping is an art or it can be. Some people are good at buying clothes and dressing nice. I tend to spend my energy on buying more groceries and eating well then looking like I do. Just like clothes, name brand stuff is usually better than the store brand but not always. Somethings like cheese are unique to the brand. An example of this is mozzarella cheese. I have tried many brands over the years but I prefer getting Polly-O brand when it’s on sale. I even freeze what I don’t use right away because it is what like to use on my chicken parmesan and baked ravioli so it is always good for me to have extra on hand.

Produce too has always been in the supermarket. At least as long as I can remember. Some supermarkets have better produce then others, but no one can beat the local farm stand for freshness and taste, and you are also supporting your local economy by buying fresh from the farm. Besides that, I have read that eating local produce is healthier for you in terms of cutting down your allergies. As you eat more local produce and honey, the local pollen is absorbed by your body and this helps you to withstand those heavy pollen days when the local flowers and trees are in bloom. This is not a bad thing. This of course is not truly a medical definition but you get the point I hope. Local produce is good for you.

I do enjoy being able to buy vegetables out-of-season in supermarkets. I rarely buy fruit this way, as it is usually is tasteless, although once in a while it is nice to have grapes with cheese in the middle of winter. Buying produce locally while it is in season can’t be beat. To this day I still cannot buy a single peach from any place other than the farm stands on the east end of Long Island or I find them mealy and dry. While I’m all the way out there I might as well get a bottle of wine or maybe a case. This whole fresh fruit thing is why I make apple pies in the fall when the fresh apples are in abundance. Peach pie is perfect at the end of summer and blueberry pie is baked in spring…etc etc.

Another thing supermarkets sell is cold cuts from their deli counter. Most of the time these are mass produced pieces of cured meat and were terrible coming from supermarkets. Even back in the eighties, much to my surprise was the fact that my favorite cold cut company, BoarsHead, is not found on sale everywhere across the country. I distinctly remember my mother having to go to yet another store just to by the cold cuts in the Boarshead brand we all enjoyed. Even when my Aunt Betty and Uncle Harry moved to Florida in the seventies they ask us to bring down cold cuts and bread with us whenever we visited. We never had the money to visit Florida from New York often but when we could, my mother always packed as much stuff as far as bread and cold cuts as we could carry on the plane. At the time no supermarkets carried the Boarshead Brand and not every deli has this brand or sold it in sufficient quantity to keep it fresh so you had to pick and choose where you went to get it. The second item at these local deli’s were there “homemade” salads. Particularly the potato salad, cold slaw, and macaroni salad.  I am always looking for ways to improve my own recipe for these salads to match the taste and flavor of the ones I grew up on in my local deli. If memory serves me and it usually does when it comes to food. These salads were always found to be the best in large German-owned delicatessens two or three towns away from where we lived. Yes, I too went there to buy cold cuts as soon as I was old enough to drive. Even our pickles came from a specialty store because we were just so dam fussy. That place is no longer in business and we all miss that Sterns family store terribly.  Now I know where I get it from! Uggg! I’m crazy!

Fish to me is also a summer season food. I don’t know why, but I guess it stems from when I went fishing here on Long Island or out to dinner by the water. We used to have the best calms and scallops around until we polluted the water in the Great South Bay. Now I have to get stuff from as far away as Maine or Alaska. I don’t even fish much anymore but I used to love it. My taste and pallet for fish has increased too, especially with the addition of Sushi. Sushi is one of those things I don’t make myself and leave that to the experts. I do really try and make more fish, but no one will eat it. Partially during the spring I like eating fish grilled. The fall however is a good time to try and fry it. So I think I need to make more Fish and Chips or fried flounder or even fried shrimp. I buy this all at a local fish store in Amityville. Something about a fish store being right down by the water makes them seem more authentic and fresh even though everything arrives by truck these days.

I think since I started writing this article I have lost track, I cant remember the total number of stores my mother used to travel to, to buy our weekly groceries. Even our beverages were not purchased at the local supermarket, which was call Food Fair back then. For that stuff she travelled to a place called the Beverage Barn two towns away in an opposite direction from anything else just because it has the best prices on beer and soda. They even helped load up her car because she was in her late fifties early sixties buying multiple heavy cases of bottled beer.

I am looking forward now to the fall months if only for its abundance of apples and Oktoberfest Beer of course. So go shop. Eat as local as much as you can and buy those name brand things you love when they are on sale. Don’t limit yourself to only shopping at the super-mega market, rather take some extra time to patronize your local shops, you’ll be happy you did!

The Drunken Chef (Russ)


Good morning world. Please indulge me as I criticize what was once great American ingenuity. At its best when television first started its potential to entertain educate and enlighten with current news events was a boon in technological innovation. The 5 PM and 11:00PM news back then was “reliable and trusted”. It was not until the early seventies before we started to make “fun” of its news story choices because of advertiser “pull”. The prime time Television shows such I Love Lucy and The Mary Tylor More Show were ahead of their time and pushed the boundaries of entertainment to its limits for family viewing. True there was censorship back then to keep moral standards in place. True they may have prevented some artistic freedom but now television has fallen into the depths of an entertainment abyss. Lewdness and shocking people for the attention of an audience seems now more the normal then necessary to help the story line move along. What brings me to diverting my culinary tales and enthralling tales of over indulgences in drinking to discuss this here? I often ate and still eat, as I even did as a child, while having the TV on. Back then it was usually Bugs Bunny, the Odd Couple or Twilight Zone. Now today it is Jeopardy, a home improvement show, the Food Network or even a Hallmark Chanel movie. I do not watch shows that are not conducive to gastronomic pleasure if I am eating. This however changed recently, as I was watching a non-decrypt TV show, perhaps even a home improvement show even called Good Bones. When assaulting my EYES and EARS was a commercial about “women pooping”. They were not discussing it in any pharmaceutical fashion but actually SITTING ON THE TOILET (in the Loo) and talking to the cameraman about “POOPING”! This is why as Sam says: “I watch NETFILX!”

I believe American Television has thus shot itself in the foot. A reference by the way that refers to soldiers or draftees who would rather shoot themselves in the foot then serve their country in the military. Therefore, if it is the intention of television station to turn more and more people away from cable and broadcast TV they are succeeding. I see more and more people watching the Hallmark Chanel probably because of this. If The Food Network and Cooking Channels start to air this commercial I would certainly have to start subjecting myself to watching old reruns of Gilligan Island and the Flying Nun on Netflix over this. I can only hope that the Hallmark Channel starts doing some old-timey variety shows to mix things up a little. Things like the Sonny and Cher Show only with Taylor Swift and some other county singer.  They literally need to add a little more variety into their family programing.

The commercials were bad enough when things like a plastic egg that makes hard boil eggs in the microwave and it sold for $20.00 were on the air. This was insulting to our intelligence as if we could not wait for a pot of water to boil! That I could at least write off as American capitalism and it was as brilliant as the Pet Rock! Hell if it earned the inventor any money, then more power to them.

What do I know? Now to have to change the channel because there are women sitting on toilets shitting! REALLY!??! I know there is a lot of stuff on television I don’t care to watch but here in New York we have OVER 300 channels. Surly I can find somthing that is not people just crying because they are NAKED and AFRAID on a desert island that they CHOOSE to be on with animals and bugs big enough that could kill then. Surly, I can find something to watch where I can sit down and eat dinner without some 90 Day Fiancé actors trying to throw small household appliances at each other because one of them cheated. Well yes, it is called the Hallmark Channel (sigh) but how many Hallmark movies can one straight man really sit through before taking up pottery making as a hobby.

I apologize for this Sunday Morning Rant but sometimes you just need to vent to feel better. I try not to do in malice or bitterness or to intentionally hurt anyone. I am unfortunately just greatly disappointed in an institution I held in such high esteem. I guess I will be watching the Disney Channel and Hallmark Channel until this commercial HOPEFULLY disappears but I also hope that one day the plastic will be cleaned up from the ocean….I am a dreamer.

As an aside, try not to be tempted by gadgets that microwave a hard boil eggs. Yes, my mother had an egg cooker (see below). That thing made perfect eggs. It was no different then using her electric stove and boiling pot water but she said it was easier for her, faster and ALWAYS made a perfectly cooked hardboiled egg. This was true. I never had a bad egg from my mother.

On that note I will let you decide, Netflix or cable TV which do you watch more often now? Oh by the way, when cable TV first started, ALL the “Cablevision” channels like the Cooking Chanel were commercial free. Granted there were only 30 channels at that time but THAT’S why you were paying for cable TV in the first place because Broadcast Television (ABC, CBS and NBC) was FREE! Just Sayin…

“And that’s the way it is.” Walter Cronkite and me signing off,

The Drunken Chef (Russ)